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Effect of Telemedicine on Urgent Cares in the Post-Covid Era

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, telemedicine served as a good option for the urgent care industry but not something that they had depended on. During COVID-19, it gained demand from patients and doctors who looked for ways for contactless treatment. Many organizations, prior to the pandemic had incorporated telemedicine services to attain a balanced visit volume during busy practice hours.

Although telemedicine was not very welcome in clinics due to its possibility of lower reimbursements, cost-per-visit, and revision of standards, it has found its way into the healthcare sector business model. It was primarily used by patients who underwent treatments for chronic illness, follow-ups, faster diagnosis for conditions like sinus and rashes, and counselling for mental health.

Telehealth is a huge success when it comes to treatments in rural areas.

It was found that 76 percent of the hospitals in the US connect with patients that are seeking practitioners by effectively leveraging technology through the Medicaid telehealth coverage program.

With the emergence of the pandemic, providers were put on the verge of finding options to analyze and determine patients’ conditions and conduct tests without risking exposure. That’s where telemedicine came to the rescue as a response to the ongoing crisis. The medical community then standardized telemedicine availability to better treat patients at a distance.

Reasons why telemedicine was quickly implemented in Urgent Care clinics:

  • To prioritize immediate care for COVID patients.
  • To ensure that the patients experience best of care without having to risk exposure.

Telemedicine made it the topic of a conversation starter in many urgent care facilities, for the above reasons. It proves its value for improved patient experience to deliver enhanced care and services.

The effect that telemedicine has on Urgent Care facilities:

Improved value for patient care

With telecommunication almost fully taking over Urgent Care healthcare, patients are left being long-time trustful consumers. They look for the convenient yet effective services delivered by telemedicine for the quality that it possesses. Its demand has skyrocketed like never before.

Telemedicine supports patients in rural areas with high-quality services through some top-notch physicians on the line, especially for patients who are homebound and do not have any possible means of emergency transportation.

It has proven its efficiency for effective and frequent follow-ups, diagnostic tests, reviews, monitoring, observation, and quick care for chronic conditions. It also helps in reducing their away time from their indisputable responsibilities.

Telemedicine is considered the expected convenience from the existing Urgent Care healthcare providers. In addition to all the merits that it delivers, it also allows patients to have full control and a better understanding of their own health.

Urgent Care Value

With the indisputable growth of telehealth facilities in the rural areas across the country, there comes a strong shift in the urban areas towards a broader healthcare aspect. This brings in patients in the urban communities as a result of improved quality of services delivered by the Urgent Care facilities.

Not just that, telehealth is known for its efficiency in providing safety to patients. Patients at any point during or post-COVID would keep their and their families’ safety first. This brings about the demand for healthcare services. Improved demand only means improved revenue for Urgent Care Centers. It also improves the quality and approach for which the care is delivered to the patients through alternate consultation options and clinic availabilities.

Telemedicine gives the long rope to physicians. They need not find treatment options for patients at the final stage of chronic disease but identify it in the starting phases and then come up with options for resistive medications to pull out the disease from its root.

Integrated telemedicine pilots seamless Urgent Care workflows and help attain timely reimbursements for the physicians at the end of every diagnosis, treatment, or procedure. Also by collaborating with EMR/PM, telemedicine connects and streamlines the processes.

Effective telemedicine integrated with the PMS/EMR will bring about solutions to track patients’ status, medications, and availability within a single practice setting. It cues the required notifications for patients that must be sent out and automatically launches video sessions taken from the patient’s chart and improve the overall accuracy and visibility of the Urgent Care services.

Telemedicine is one invention that builds a better relationship between the patients and Urgent Care, allowing them to return back for quality care.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is one unavoidable aspect of healthcare that has a huge impact on Urgent Care growth. Building patient engagement is one essential yet difficult concept to chase. But facilities must find ways to work that out.

Telemedicine also requires the high efficacy of patient engagement. These could include proving a convenient environment for patients before and after a visit. They come in the form of online registrations, appointment bookings, cancellations, wait time visibilities, and feedback systems. It is imperative for Urgent Care facilities to nurture the approach and empower the patients with the mindset.

Urgent Care facilities must indulge in patient-centered activities to engage them in different ways and ensure their involvement at all points of their visits- virtual or in-person. This will in turn improve the Urgent Care workflow and the efficiency of the clinicians as service providers.

Final Thoughts

Telemedicine is slowly growing its pace even after COVID of its accessibility, control, and convenience. It has a major contribution to the patient engagement approach. The telemedicine tool must be designed in such a way that it helps to improve patient engagement at all touch points.

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