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Our association with 1400+ active providers and 180+ practices provides our stakeholders one of the largest network to choose from.

End to end solution for RC

End to end solution

Complete Revenue Cycle Management covering all aspects of medical billing, medical coding, pre-authorizations, credentialing & medical transcriptions.

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Serving more than 28+ medical specialties, we have a team of expert medical RCM specialists with in-depth knowledge and professional expertise delivering the highest quality of service.

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Practolytics serves more than 28+ medical specialities with 180+ happy customers.

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We are group of data evangelists, process masters, solutionists and creative thinkers.
Manik Chawla

Manik Chawla

Chief Executive Officer

Manik has 16+ years of experience in growing and operating critical revenue cycle management services for US healthcare industry. Strategy building and Customer Service are his core strengths and customer satisfaction through impeccable service delivery is what he wishes to be identified for. At Practolytics, the diverse background in every aspect of healthcare allows to maximize revenue and consistently deliver optimum results. As a CEO Manik conceptualized new business segment growth strategies, commissioned plans, KPI benchmarks, and progress dashboards, which revved the business. Also provided vision, structure, and executive leadership to cut inefficiencies to the bone and introduce crucial systems for stability and scale. By leveraging expertise and insight to implement forward-thinking and business development solutions, he broke competition channels. Over the years, Manik has gained proven experience in connecting with key decision-makers and in quickly building profitable, lasting partnerships that sustain revenue growth. While leading a team of 600+ global workforce, Manik has realized that the chance to celebrate victory and success with a group of people is something truly fulfilling.

Robert Hale

Robert Hale

Director of Sales and Business Development

Robert Hale has 26 years of experience in the Healthcare industry. He has been focusing on better standards of patient care by enhancing procedures and automating Revenue Cycle systems. Former COO and partner of a Southeastern based Physician Revenue Cycle Management company, Robert has the passion for advancing and significantly improving Revenue Cycle Management. Having played an important role in the marketing and sales of the company, which now has grown to be a national RCM company, he has created excellent financial and operational solutions to increase efficiencies and profitability in the Healthcare Industry. Most recently Robert was the Business Development Director for a regional Receivables Healthcare debt company. While in his role, he developed new marketing and sales strategies and obtained over 260 new Healthcare partners. A passionate worker, Robert always believed in being prepared and going the extra mile for his clients in order to build lifelong relationships.

Stacey Mosay

Director of Customer Relations and RCM Operations- RHIA, CCS-P, COC, CMOM

Stacey has three decades of experience in health care. She offers a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and leadership. She has served in both mid and upper-management roles in ambulatory surgery, payment accuracy solution companies, and physician medical practices. She serves as a speaker at local and regional professional management associations. She specializes in healthcare consulting offering medical policy research, compliance solutions, education, revenue cycle management, operational services, and medical documentation and coding audits for outpatient facility and professional services. She is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina with a B.S. in Health Information Management. She is a former faculty member at Trident Technical College teaching courses in medical billing and coding. She is also a published author on the subjects of medical coding and billing with McGraw-Hill Publishing, Cengage Learning, and F.A. Davis.

How Practolytics work

Welcome to the world of Practolytics where data meets operations excellence. We help medical businesses scale up their performance by taking care of their backend processes, covering the entire Revenue Cycle Management for you.

Seeking seamless RCM for your medical business?

We help you achieve that.

We can help you organize your RCM

Right from medical billing to eligibility benefits & verification, pre-authorizations to compliance audits, medical coding, medical transcription and practice consulting, we help you manage all with ease, high efficiency and error-free processing. The top-20 specialties by demand we cover are:

Anesthesia/Pain Management

Behavioral Health / Psychiatry





General surgery



Pathology & Toxicology labs

Internal Medicine


Home health


Family practice

Primary care




Physical medicine & Rehabilitation

Customer Stories

I started a new practice approximately 5 years ago. I have used Practolytics for my billing services over this entire period. I have also used them for integration of collections, adding new providers and DME. They have been excellent and are also part of the reason why I am so successful. They are very knowledgeable about billing. I not only see patients in clinic but also at the hospital and nursing home and also do surgical procedures in and out of the office. I have been very impressed with their level of skill and knowledge. They also do very good on communication. I would highly recommend them for any of your billing needs.

Dr. Nicole Cupp – MD Advanced Podiatry of Bartlesville

Customer stories

We have outsourced our billing to Practolytics for the last 5 years. They have been very helpful and instrumental in our continued growth. They are always available to answer any questions that we have and assist our team. Their response time is great, and I would recommend them to anyone who would like to see their business revenue increase.

Advanced Podiatry of Bartlesville

Dr. Martha Livingston – CEO San Antonio Counseling and Behavioral Center, Texas

Customer stories

Practolytics has been instrumental in working with us on numerous accounts to increase revenue and to improve the whole revenue cycle. We have partnered with Practolytics on numerous projects and no matter what we have asked to the team, they have always responded immediately and are willing to go an extra mile to be a great partner. We would not use anyone else for our needs.

Advanced Podiatry of Bartlesville

Pamela Kufahl - COO/CFO KPM Management Services, Atlanta

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