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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

As receiving good treatment and care are necessary for sound health, so is revenue cycle management to the financial health of all healthcare systems. While revenue management isn’t the focus of healthcare providers, one cannot displace its importance to the system. Sorting medical supplies, getting healthcare equipment, and paying salaries to healthcare providers isn’t an easy task, especially with a population with a constantly increasing demand for health care.

There’s financial pressure on both the patients and healthcare providers. While the former find their way around, the implications are far-reaching for the latter. Consequently, the need for a financial model which removes these pressures. That model is healthcare revenue cycle management – a process that incorporates financial health with value-based healthcare delivery. This process relies on technological solutions that have given a dynamic approach to revenue cycle management.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Healthcare revenue cycle management solutions are actionable business solutions that end all administrative and financial nightmares. These new-age solutions are much more timely, efficient, and groundbreaking as a greater substitute for older solutions. They involve automation seen through insurance verification, clinical documentation, billing and coding, reimbursement tracking, amongst several others. This automation requires just a decent human intervention, yet it is highly functional.

If you’re a healthcare provider, a hospital executive, why haven’t you taken advantage of this landmark innovation which improves your cash flow and overall productivity? If you’re still in doubt, why not fancy healthcare revenue cycle management consulting? Get in touch with Practolytics to explore a complete suite of Revenue Cycle Management solutions and enhance your experience with all the administrative activities on a day to day basis.

Medical Billing

RCM Medical Billing

We work with you and simplify the overall Revenue Cycle process for the practice. Choose our services and focus on patient care.

RCM Medical Billing

Eligibility and Benefits Verification

You don’t have to get tangled in complex insurance process of validating the benefits (Deductible, Coinsurance and Copay). Let us help you to setup the financial expectations with the patient as a part of our service delivery.


Pre-Authorization in RCM

We work with you to pre-authorize all your procedures to ensure that physicians and clinicians gets paid for 100% of the procedures. Our authorization team typically publish the report 2 days in advance and take care of last minute add on patients’ request.

Pre-Authorization in RCM
Credentialing in Revenue Cycle


Credentialing in Revenue Cycle

We will help you eliminate the endless paperwork with our expert credentialing and contracting services and make your life easy. Connect with us today.

Customer Stories

It’s a great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Practolytics and its staff. I am extremely pleased with the quality of services and knowledge they provide to our clinic. Our group practices in Central Florida and we have been with Practolytics since 2014. I am fully confident that our claims are submitted efficiently, information is inputted accurately, and attention to detail will always be a priority.

Cecil Roberts – Administrator Physiomed Inc., Florida

Customer Stories

I started a new practice approximately 5 years ago. I have used Practolytics for my billing services over this entire period. I have also used them for integration of collections, adding new providers and DME. They have been excellent and are also part of the reason why I am so successful. They are very knowledgeable about billing. I not only see patients in clinic but also at the hospital and nursing home and also do surgical procedures in and out of the office. I have been very impressed with their level of skill and knowledge. They also do very good on communication. I would highly recommend them for any of your billing needs.

Dr. Nicole Cupp – MD Advanced Podiatry of Bartlesville

Customer stories

We have had horrible experiences with billing companies until we moved to Practolytics. Practolytics handled a very tough transition swiftly and without missing a beat and we were up and billing again in 3 weeks. The staff have always been super accommodating and responsive to queries and requirements. Sometimes the craziest questions have been answered in an extraordinary way. They have always executed the processes with swiftness and precision. With Practolytics as our billing partner, our revenue has improved significantly.

Advanced Podiatry of Bartlesville

Tonya – Owner CREO, Virginia

Customer Stories

Dr. Nicole Cupp
Mobile version
Jeff Angeline

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Consulting

While the benefits of healthcare revenue cycle management are obvious, it’s important to fully understand what one is getting into to enjoy the very best of it. This is where healthcare revenue cycle management consultancy is effective. You get a detailed analysis of what to expect with healthcare revenue cycle management. Moreover, you get complete control over the financial health of your practice.

Healthcare RCM Services

Healthcare RCM services would require some financial commitment. However, it is an investment that promises more revenue and seamless administrative and clinical services for your organization. Some of these services include, but aren’t limited to:

Medical billing

Medical Coding

Management of Account Receivables

Overall process and service automation and so on

Consider healthcare revenue cycle management. It is the change your business needs for financial success.

Practolytics has a proven track record of uplifting the financial health of various practices through its technology-driven and focused approach of setting up processes. We take care of your administrative burden and enable you to focus on patient care and quality outcomes.

Medical Coding

RCM medical coding

Our coders are 100% AAPC and AHIMA certified and well-versed in 80+ specialties. Experience our top-notch coding services right away. We will provide guidance to how to maximize the reimbursements.

RCM medical coding

Compliance Audits

We follow all four phases of the compliance process- Preparation, Performance, Reporting and Follow-Up. You can expect detailed analysis of historical charts, reimbursements trends and other related documents.

Practice Consulting

RCM Consulting Services

Enhance your business operations, be it billing or clinical with our expertise. We are 100% HIPAA compliant and will help you manage everything with ease.

RCM Consulting Services
Revenue Cycle medical transcription

Medical Transcription

Revenue Cycle medical transcription

We help you shorten the process of medical transcription from days to hours. Our leading speech recognition technology will reduce human errors to a bare minimum.

Contract Negotiation

We help you renegotiate your reimbursements or contracts with the insurance companies and make sure you end up with the best deal. Why don’t you give it a try now?

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