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Importance Of Patient Engagement And Role of Social Media And Its Influence on Clinic’s Success

Patient engagement involves healthcare providers working with their patients to ensure health improvement. It is an effective healthcare decision to ensure patients get appropriate information about significant decisions that affect their care and experiences that facilitate a better outcome.

Health institutions worldwide now adopt a secured channel to connect with patients and their families so both parties can feel secure about sharing any detail. Although the aim of patient engagement is still the same, the technological method utilized changes over time.

For more than a decade, there has been an urgent global need to improve the patient experience. In addition, some professionals suggest the health industry needs to improve patients’ physical and emotional states and their loved ones. As a clinic owner looking for ways to enhance your clinic’s success, read on to learn some tips about how to harness social media for your clinic’s success!

importance of patient engagement-social media role

Importance of Social Media on Clinic Success

Reputation Management

Social media is a powerful tool that allows the public to voice their opinions and feelings about doctors, clinics, or any company they may be dealing with. As a result, social media plays an integral role when managing reputation. If potential customers see negative feedback associated with you, they will hesitate before visiting your hospital, leading to lost revenue opportunities down the road. Therefore, doctors/clinic owners need to constantly stay updated regarding customer service issues that they might come across online.

It Serves as a Professional Networking Platform

The presence of technology has made health professionals use social media to network, communicate, and listen to experts regarding how to handle patients. Social media accounts used for networking are specifically for caring for people and addressing important discussions within the medical environment.
AdvancedMD EHR-PMS-SystemsFurthermore, social media can serve as crowdsourcing to gather information from different locations as it helps in the effective exchange of data for advanced medical practices.

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Professional Education

The medical information provided by social media helps improve clinical education and encourages incoming students on essential medical habits and how to adapt to clinical curricula. Many studies suggest that social media helps medical students understand health ethics, professionalism, and prompt communication. Some universities adopt the idea of using virtual classrooms to increase access to libraries to have unique learning experiences without interrupting their daily lives.

A 2011 survey shows that one-third of pharmacy curricula for undergraduates use Twitter, as some faculty members use Facebook as their platform for teaching. In addition, the study shows these platforms are becoming the new face of future medicine.

Instructors at Auburn University use student Twitter handles to ensure they participate in group class discussions. At the end of the session, more than 80% of the participants suggested they feel more safe expressing their opinion online than in a physical class.

Organizational Promotion

Clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, professional societies, etc., use social media for different purposes. In addition, it often enhances effective marketing of products or services, dissemination of information, and fund-raising for a patient without financial capability.

More than 75% of medical centers in the US currently own social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, etc., to connect with patients and provide better client support services. Effective use of these platforms enhances the image of the medical facility and influences the choice of prospective clients to treat themselves at the center.

In addition, a solid social media presence indicates the hospital uses the latest technological gadgets to carry out basic health operations. Non-profit health organizations and universities now use blog posts to ensure the learning process of patients as some create YouTube channels and other social network pages to ensure clients stay up to date with the latest information around the world.

Patient Care

With social media platforms you can communicate better with other healthcare providers involved in care, ask questions, or require prescriptions on health services. In addition, recent studies show physicians find online patient interaction more fascinating compared to physical communication.

Evidence shows that electronic communication between physicians and patients helps identify chronic health conditions and improve advice on activities that will prevent ailments. On this platform, doctors will take their time to ask essential questions, book appointments, offer prescriptions, etc. In addition, some patients that don’t have social media accounts are eager to create one as their healthcare provider emphasizes the importance this platform provides.

Patient Education

Social media can be a blend of fun and educational platforms if you use it effectively. More than 60% of daily internet surfers in the US search for health information, personal progress, research, and financial support. As a patient, you can participate in online health discussions and provide evidence on personal experience. Similarly, you can learn about chronic diseases and the essential steps to stay healthy.

Social media makes it easy to connect with individuals who once suffered from an illness as they provide support and suggestions that might help the sick person’s health condition.


Social media holds an immense role in the success of medical practices and fostering relationships between doctors and patients. Numerous healthcare providers have adopted the idea of using social media platforms to provide health services. Connecting them on these platforms will serve your best interest if you want to enjoy the best medical care. So, take advantage of social media today for your clinic’s success.

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