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Know How AdvancedMD(AMD) Can Help You to Rapidly Build Your Telemedicine Practice?

Telemedicine is essential to improving access to healthcare. With the wide adoption of digital technology, patient and providers can communicate without being in the same physical space. However, for many practices, moving past the simple method of phone calls as telehealth would mean finding the right platform. In this article, we examine how AdvancedMD can help to rapidly scale your telemedicine practice.

How AdvancedMD(AMD) Can Help You to Rapidly Build Your Telemedicine Practice

AdvancedMD(AMD) is a product with multiple functionalities, each tailored to handle specific needs. From revenue cycle management (RCM) to data collection, the software is an all-in-one platform for healthcare practices. Below are some of the ways it can help you build your telemedicine practice:

EHR Integration

When adopting new technologies, practice owners worry about the costs it will incur. However, AdvancedMD does not require new additions as it already integrates with its own EHR platform. This enables you to save costs and transmit data without disruptions.

Appointment Scheduling

The tool allows patients from far-flung places to schedule online sessions without commuting to the practice location. They can submit requests for appointment and be attended to by providers. Besides, AdvancedMD allows you to remind patients of their appointments through emails and/or text messages. It also enables signups to newsletters, deepening engagements with your facility.


AdvancedMD is rated as one of the most user-friendly software on the market. And since a defining part of your telemedicine practice is easing patient engagement with your platform, this will count in the long run. On the other hand, difficult software interfaces will not only frustrate patients but the providers themselves.

Continuity of Care

While telemedicine implies that your patients will not be physically present, there is still the need to ensure that the experience is similar, or even better. AdvancedMD allows you to digitally store versions of a patient’s documents. For instance, items like their medical history, diagnoses, procedures, and others can be accessed online where the patient downloads or shares them with another specialist. This feature makes for quicker treatments of conditions as new providers do not have to repeat old steps.  This, in particular for telehealth is a great tool to have it handy.

Medical Billing

Another advantage of the software is that patients can access flexible payment options. Through online means, they can make payments for services offered. This flexibility ensures that you retain distant patients who don’t confront hassles while dealing with your practice.


An added benefit of running a telehealth service with AdvancedMD is the reduction of expenses. Switching from in-person services to an online mode allows providers and patients to communicate effectively without separate costs.

In addition to this, your practice can minimize time and revenue spent on manual storage of data and focus attention on deriving better care outcomes.

Patient Engagement

Since telemedicine is about remote care, a bulk of your services will involve providing instant responses to your patients’ needs. AdvancedMD helps you to do this as providers can communicate with patients, monitor their health, and prescribe in accordance with their needs. For your telemedicine practice to grow, therefore, a platform that retains the patient-provider link becomes essential.

Quality of Care

A major setback to care is the problem of prescriptions. Providers may write illegibly, causing prescription mistakes at the pharmacy. There is also the issue of patients forgetting what they were told as a study in 2003 has shown. These challenges are solved by the e-Prescription functionality on the software and the access to health records that patients and providers have.

The result is that patients are participants in their own care and are safeguarded from inappropriate drug recommendations by the doctor. In a corroborating study, the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that patients who had access to their provider’s notes were more likely to adhere to their medication. Furthermore, using AdvancedMD as a telemedicine tool enables the provider to monitor key health indicators derived from devices and record them in the EHR.

Ease of Collecting Data

AdvancedMD enhances data collection by practitioners. Rather than duplicate entries on EHR and telehealth platforms, the software’s integration allows both to be done at once. This way, doctors can save time. It also prevents errors which may arise while data is re-entered on another platform.

Insurance Details

An integration of EHR and telehealth platforms means that service providers can verify a patient’s insurance eligibility. As coverage expands to telemedicine, providers need to assess a patient’s status. With AdvancedMD, practices can avoid setbacks from denied claims.

Why AdvancedMD is Best for Your Telemedicine Practice

Apart from the above, AdvancedMD serves your practice in the following ways:


AdvancedMD allows providers to interact seamlessly with their patients. With functionalities that allow real-time updates on patient conditions, the software allows for quick response times.

Patient and Staff Adoption

As stated earlier, the ease of adapting to software is integral to your practice. A factor that determines this is how easy it is to use the tool, a requirement the platforms meets seamlessly. Thus, AdvancedMD is not only capable but also easy to use.

Training and Subsequent Support

For effective deployment of the software, AdvancedMD provides training to your staff. This is followed by customer support from skilled employees. In addition to this, you have our team at Practolytics helping setup the system and support on all aspects of the platform.


Due to the digital nature of telemedicine, platforms need to be secure to protect healthcare data. AdvancedMD checks all the boxes here as it is equipped with military-grade encryption. Data is also stored at an off-site location to provide maximum security.


AdvancedMD is a non-discriminatory software as it can be deployed for practice-specific purposes. In other words, the platform caters to different centers regardless of their size.

Barriers to Entry

Another major quality of the product is the ability of practitioners to select what features they want to use. This way, you subscribe to relevant services and save costs.

Final Thoughts

As the world evolves, so must the field of medicine. Practice owners have to leverage technology to meet diverse challenges. With AdvancedMD, practitioners can deliver remote health services using a range of features on the platform. They can also reduce overheads while increasing their bottom line.

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