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Practolytics has the right solution for Spravato reimbursements! We are the largest billing company who can provide this service and we work with the best of the best clinics in the US.

Practolytics is your one stop solution for solving the complexities of Spravto reimbursements. You don’t have to worry anymore about the time-consuming necessities of Benefits, Eligibility and Pre-authorizations; or the complexities of coding and claims follow – up. We do it all for you.

What is SPRAVATO®?

Spravato Nasal Spray

SPRAVATO® is the first new drug approved for depression by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in decades. SPRAVATO® is especially designed for those suffering from Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD). If you are currently diagnosed with depression and have not responded well to at least two different oral antidepressants, you may qualify for SPRAVATO®.

SPRAVATO® is derived from ketamine, a drug that has been used in hospitals as an anesthetic since the 1970s. Its help in alleviating symptoms of depression is a more recent discovery. SPRAVATO® nasal spray for depression is unique in the fact that it is self-administered under the supervision of a doctor.

Spravato Nasal Spray
Spravato treatment reimbursements

Why Practolytics?

Spravato treatment reimbursements

We bill 1000 treatments per month with 98% Pass Rate.

We renegotiate contracts with Insurance payers to achieve increased rates for SPRAVATO® specific codes: S0013, G2083, 99417, and G2212.

We negotiate with all four SPRAVATO® specialty distributors on behalf of Buy & Bill Program clients for preferred drug pricing.

We work with multiple SPRAVATO® treatment centers including the largest in the United States, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky and Delaware.

We take responsibility for Benefits Eligibility and Authorizations; the two most critical determinative events in the SPRAVATO® Revenue Cycle.

What are your benefits?

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We work with the largest Spravato practice in the country.

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We obtain Pre Authorization in 4 business days on an average.

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We provide you with the best preferred pricing from the specialized distributor.

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We help the practice to do strategic Buy & Bill.

Our Services

spravato billing services

Software Solution

We offer a complete software solution for your SPRAVATO® billing needs. Our strategic relationships with both AdvancedMD and Osmind give you the cut above practice management and EHR technology and the cost is absorbed by us! Our software solution includes support, training and customization to meet your specific needs.

Osmind Electronic Health Record.

Osmind Outcomes & Engagement Platform.

Advanced MD Practice Management System.

AdvancedMD Electronic Health Record.

AdvancedMD and Osmind Online Scheduler, Electronic Intake Forms & Patient Reminders.

Osmind’s Patient Mobile App For Measured Based Care Capability.

AdvancedMD and Osmind’s DEA Compliant Controlled Substance Prescribing.

AdvancedMD and Osmind’s Template Builder.

Billing and Collection Solution

Spravato Billing and Collection

Our goal is to make your practice completely profitable, with total transparency. Practolytics keeps abreast of the shifting sands of accurate Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code usage regarding the billing criteria, and other requirements for reimbursable Spravato claims. We pro actively work towards getting your claims processed quickly and collectable in the first instance.

We promise the below, in our association:

Eligibility and benefits determination two days prior to claims submission.

Preauthorization within five days of prescribing.

Daily submission and tracking of claims to ensure all claims are billed in a timely manner.

Keeping track of exclusions and clearing house rejections in order to correct claims for rebill.

Weekly reporting of denials with coordinated follow – ups and attorney oversight of appeals.

30+ AR reporting which enables to identify, analyze and make corrections of aging receivables, for rebill.

Timely and accurate payment posting to ensure cash flow projections.

Balance after insurance and deductible billing and collections with regular patient invoices and follow ups ($0.75 per statement).

Toll free access for the patients to centralized contact center, for billing queries and concerns.

Additional customized reporting provided as per your specific needs.

Spravato Billing and Collection
Spravato Business Solutions Consulting

Spravato® - Specific Consulting

Spravato Business Solutions Consulting

For maximum reimbursements in your SPRAVATO® practice, we will work with you to develop clinical protocols in line with payer requirements for reimbursable Prolonged E/M Services. We will review denials and author appeals to put payers on notice of practice compliance with published criteria. We will also keep updating in terms of accurate CPT code usage for Prolonged E/M Service billing. Also, we will guide you on when it is beneficial to avail the Janssen Buy & Bill program to maximize your revenue potential.

Customer Stories

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What’s in store for you?

Here is an exciting offer for all new customers!

For new customers that get onboarded this month, Practolytics is offering following services for free ($10,000 value):

Data migration from current system to AdvancedMD practice management.

Charts migration from current EHR (up to 2,000 patients).

Template creation (up to 10 templates per practice).

20 hours of customized AdvancedMD training & implementation for EHR and practice management.

Credentialing services (for up to 2 physicians and 10 insurances each).

Free real-time eligibility check.

Free 2-day onsite implementation for practices with collections above $200,000 per month.

Free Practice Analysis (Detailed insight on your Revenue Cycle Management Process)

Free Coding and Compliance Audits (max. up to 15-25 charts per provider)

Contact us for an end to end Spravato billing solution

    FAQs about Spravato®

    Will Practolytics be doing the Eligibility & Benefits and Pre-Authorization process during Spravato billing?

    Yes, Practolytics does Eligibility and Benefits to ensure right patient gets enrolled in Spravato REMS program. We will help you to obtain the Pre-Authorization within 4-5 business days after practice consent.

    Does Practolytics deal with the Janssen Buy & Bill program?

    Yes, we will guide you on when it is beneficial to avail the Janssen Buy & Bill program to maximize your revenue potential.

    How do you ensure that the correct CPT codes are used?

    Practolytics helps you in coding the treatment as per the guidelines of evaluation and management services. Codes are implemented specific to the patient’s condition and services provided. The requirements of the Insurance payer and local payment policies are adhered to as well.

    Do you provide access to any EHR and PMS system?

    Practolytics provides access to the cut above Practice Management and EHR technology and the cost is absorbed by us. We help you with the software support, training and customization to meet your specific needs.

    Is there any periodic reporting done to have control on the processes?

    Practolytics does weekly reporting of denials with coordinated follow – ups and attorney oversight of appeals. 30+ AR reporting is done which enables to identify, analyze and make corrections of aging receivables, for rebill. Any additional customized reporting is also provided as per your specific needs.


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    Are you having trouble getting your Spravato treatment paid? Here are the 5 reasons why to choose Practolytics for your Spravato billing.

    If you have trouble getting your Spravato treatment paid, we are here to help you out. Check out our e brochure which gives you a snapshot of how to find the best Spravato billing solution.

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