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Work Remotely With AdvancedMD EHR & PMS- A Comprehensive Cloud System With Data Security

A efficient medical billing software is inevitable for an effective Revenue Cycle Management process. A healthcare billing software saves a lot of time thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing the operational cost. You can hence be worry free about reimbursements and focus on your primary task – patient care.

Now a days more and more practices are looking for ways to make their Revenue Cycle Management more accurate and efficient. In this process, manual processes must be replaced with better, faster and smarter platform-driven applications. AdvancedMD is the most recommended cloud based Electronic Health Records software and medical Practice Management software that can help your practice to function much more efficiently, and improve their reimbursement rates, optimize revenue, and sustain the financial health of their businesses. The suite of software solutions automates the patient journey and improves the patient experience.

AdvancedMD medical practice software at ZERO COST from Practolytics, helps practices to seamlessly automate appointment scheduling, integrate health records into the billing process and submit claims while providing easy access and high data security. Experience reduced efforts and improved information accuracy through automated processes and dashboards. It is the best medical practice management software for small to large healthcare practices.

EHR- Electronic Health Record

With an EHR software, the cumbersome process of tracking down patient’s previous paper medical records is eliminated and today, practices are using EHR programs to improve their quality of care, lower the cost and to provide a seamless patient experience. AdvancedMD is the best EHR for small practices as well as large healthcare organizations.

A cloud based medical billing software system hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform, the AdvancedMD EHR provides customized clinical documentation for all roles and specialties in your practice. AdvancedMD billing software charting preferences can be maintained through centrally managed templates. Some of the breakthrough features in AdvancedMD EHR software are One-click specialty-based patient card access to key summary information, a task management dashboard with graphical prioritized task donuts, patient schedule access on every screen and always-available PDMP etc.

Patient Information Summaries

Quick access to common charting elements with simple summaries in specialty-based patient cards, customized to each physician in your practice.

Smart EHR Dashboard

Graphical ‘donuts’ provides fast, at-a-glance task management customized to providers’ workflows and volume. Crucial and time-sensitive tasks are prioritized in real-time and highlighted for quick resolution.

Speed Up and Simplify Patient Chart Management

Eliminate scrolling through charts for commonly required information for each visit. Must be specialty and provider customized.

Drag-and-drop Patient Cards

Patient cards provide chronologically ordered summary information of frequent tasks to speed chart management. Available for all major specialties, and can be customized as per needs, specialty and workflow.

Schedule at Providers’ Fingertips

Patient schedule is always easily accessible, digestible at a glance. Schedule snapshot is visible from every EHR screen. Color coding conveys visit type and other vital information in seconds.

Patient Portal

Provides convenient, secure 24-hour online access to information and services. Patients can view their health information, schedule appointments, review financial statements and make payments.

Integrated Labs Feature

Allows providers to send orders to leading testing centers directly from the EHR. Results are automatically posted and can be made available for the patient on their private portal. Flags out-of range

Flexible, Customizable Charting Elements

Specialty-specific, customized charting elements to improve charting efficiency values.

Robust EPCS

Makes PDMP information available automatically. Allows immediate visibility into medications patients are taking, empowering providers to make better real-time medication management decisions.

The Big Saving!

No additional cost for availing AdvancedMD services.

No additional expense for EHR / PMS systems.

Bundled AdvancedMD access with your billing services.

Advanced MD
Advanced MD

PMS- Practice Management System

Balancing clinical tasks with the business side of the practice can be tricky, but very important to long-term sustainability and hence the use of a best medical billing software – an easier and efficient way to manage the business side of your practice becomes inevitable.

A medical Practice Management software helps in managing the day-to-day operations of a clinic, like scheduling the appointments, billing and other administration related tasks. It is used to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain the Insurance details, perform billing and also to generate necessary reports useful for the functioning of the Practices.

AdvancedMD Practice Management Software has time tested, innovative, cutting-edge solutions which can be used for scheduling, billing, collections and reporting combined with an entire suite of productivity-enhancement tools in a unified database package. Now do not worry about the AdvancedMD billing software pricing for your practice requirements since you get the best medical billing software free of cost from Practolytics.

Simplified Scheduling

Optimizes daily calendar and reduce no-shows. Staff can easily maintain desirable patient flow and patients can self-schedule based on the availability. Automated Reminders and alerts are also sent.

Credit Card Management

Credit-card-on-file function reduces double entry, human errors, time-consuming reconciliations and repeated requests for patient credit card information.

Financial Dashboard

Displays key performance indicator status, current and rolling monthly financial results, reimbursement trends, top ten carriers, A/R trends, and customized report elements.

Accurate Billing Processes

Simplified A/R tracking, comprehensive claims and collections features, and a time-tested clearinghouse for laser focused insights into your receivables and collections revenue.

Central Billing Office

Provides visibility of your entire operation, while offering controlled access to office locations and providers. Reporting is comprehensive with independent drilldowns at the site and provider level.

Reporting & Analytics

Unified Data-based Analytics provide ready access to resource-based relative value scale calculations for a variety of factors such as total RVU, work RVU, practice expense RVU and more.

Comprehensive Claims Management

Reduce staffing, improve visibility and accuracy. Combines billing process with simplified A/R tracking, comprehensive claims and collections features, and a robust clearinghouse.

Powerful Reporting Engine

Provides accurate trends and business intelligence to analyze key performance indicators and business metrics for all sites and physicians across all practice functions from a Single, Unified Database.

A/R Control Center

Provides key information and resources for streamlining A/R tasks and accelerating the time it takes to collect. Proprietary Claims Scrubbing alerts billing staff of potential errors prior to submission.

What’s in store for you?

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Data migration from current system to AdvancedMD practice management.

Charts migration from current EHR (up to 2,000 patients).

Template creation (up to 10 templates per practice).

20 hours of customized AdvancedMD training & implementation for EHR and practice management.

Credentialing services (for up to 2 physicians and 10 insurances each).

Free real-time eligibility check.

Free 2-day onsite implementation for practices with collections above $200,000 per month.

Free Practice Analysis (Detailed insight on your Revenue Cycle Management Process)

Free Coding and Compliance Audits (max. up to 15-25 charts per provider)

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