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paperless credentialing services

We understand that credentialing really impacts the bottom line. Whether you have a provider in start-up mode or simply need help with managing the ongoing tasks of CAQH attestation or re-credentialing and revalidation with Medicare, we can help and take care of the paperwork in timely manner. When you put Practolytics payor enrollment services to work, we navigate through the chaos for you. We get you billable faster because we know the right forms for the right payors and know their rules, regulations and even their quirks.

By outsourcing to payor enrollment consultants, you can be assured that you are compliant, and quality is not compromised. Bi- monthly credentialing progress report will be shared with the practice along with the call reference number to ensure 100% of the applications are tracked down. Our experts ensure that CAQH attestations get executed in timely manner. This helps the applications to get processed without any delays. Our direct contacts with the insurance representatives help us to navigate the process quickly in 95% of the states, to see timely outcome.

We help you streamline your credentialing process

Credentialing Processing Companies

There are many facets you have to look into when it comes to healthcare credentialing services. But with Practolytics, you don’t have to lift a finger. We will take care of everything. You do not have to go to multiple vendors for this.

Below are the criteria involved with the services that we can definitely handle for you.

Adding and removing a provider.

Contract status research.

Insurance payer applications.

Medicare re-validations & Medicaid re-enrollments.

Hospital privileges and re-appointments.

Address and bank updates.

Healthcare credentialing maintenance.

Credentialing Processing Companies

We help you get paid, without missing a dollar

Jumpstart your journey to get on an insurance panel
healthcare credentialing solutions

Features integrated with our services

healthcare credentialing solutions

Partner with Practolytics and below services will help you with healthcare credentialing solutions.

Onboarding applicants and evaluating their applications for exceptions.

Registering, setting up and maintaining provider profiles on CAQH.

Having a team of dedicated specialists, who are experts in Medicare/Medicaid, MCOs and all commercial plan enrollments.

Tracking and co-ordinating with the administrators for any upcoming expiry of medical licenses, registrations and certifications.

4 steps of Credentialing process

The below gist gives you an overview of the Credentialing process

Credentialing On boarding


We will assist you in choosing the right insurance companies.

Credentialing Application


We will obtain all the necessary details and complete the application process for you.

Credentialing Follow-up

Follow Up

We will ensure that all applications are received through active follow-ups.

Credentialing Completion


We will keep you informed about all insurance approvals.

Customer Stories

Jeff Angeline
Dr. Scott Schlauder
Dr. Nicole Cupp

FAQs about Credentialing

What is the credentialing process for healthcare providers?

Credentialing is the process of obtaining, verifying, and assessing the qualifications of a medical practitioner to provide services for a healthcare organization. Credentials are essentially documented evidence of license, education, training and experience.

What are the steps that credentialing process consists of?

A typical credentialing process consists of four steps, namely; Onboarding, Application, Follow-up and Completion.

How does provider credentialing work?

It is the process by which a health insurer assesses a care provider’s qualifications and competencies through the submitted documents along with the CAQH profile.

What does a credentialing specialist do?

A Credentialing specialist is supposed to maintain active status of all providers by successfully completing initial and subsequent credentialing packages as required by care centers, commercial and federal payers.

How long does medical credentialing take?

Owing to its intensive verification processes, this may take 3-6 months based on the insurance companies.

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    Customer Stories

    Three years ago I started a dermatology practice. Six month into my start up I had received approximately $15,000 and I had $115,000 in my accounts receivables. I had put my wife’s and my entire savings and every penny we had into this practice, not forgetting to mention, our hearts and souls. We were three weeks from not making payroll when Practolytics contacted us.

    Dr. Scott Schlauder – MD Daystar Skin and Cancer Center, Florida

    Customer Stories

    One of the most “Can Do” companies I’ve ever worked with. They personally take it upon themselves to see to it that my company thrives. Very responsive to the nuances of my small company, yet always make me feel just as important as their larger clients.

    Jeff Angeline – Owner Angeline Physical Therapy, Ohio

    Customer stories

    We have had horrible experiences with billing companies until we moved to Practolytics. Practolytics handled a very tough transition swiftly and without missing a beat and we were up and billing again in 3 weeks. The staff have always been super accommodating and responsive to queries and requirements. Sometimes the craziest questions have been answered in an extraordinary way. They have always executed the processes with swiftness and precision. With Practolytics as our billing partner, our revenue has improved significantly.

    Advanced Podiatry of Bartlesville

    Tonya – Owner CREO, Virginia


    Importance of streamlining your Credentialing process and following the best practices, simplified for you. Check out.

    Read to know about the importance of Credentialing in Revenue Cycle Management, challenges faced, common mistakes done during the process and the best practices that can be followed.

    There are many facets you have to look into when it comes to healthcare Credentialing services. If you are having trouble in getting listed with Insurances in a timely manner, check out our e brochure to see how Practolytics can help you.

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