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Jeff Angeline
Dr. Scott Schlauder
Dr. Martha Livingston

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    Customer Stories

    Three years ago I started a dermatology practice. Six month into my start up I had received approximately $15,000 and I had $115,000 in my accounts receivables. I had put my wife’s and my entire savings and every penny we had into this practice, not forgetting to mention, our hearts and souls. We were three weeks from not making payroll when Practolytics contacted us.

    Dr. Scott Schlauder – MD Daystar Skin and Cancer Center, Florida

    Customer Stories

    One of the most “Can Do” companies I’ve ever worked with. They personally take it upon themselves to see to it that my company thrives. Very responsive to the nuances of my small company, yet always make me feel just as important as their larger clients.

    Jeff Angeline – Owner Angeline Physical Therapy, Ohio

    Customer stories

    We have outsourced our billing to Practolytics for the last 5 years. They have been very helpful and instrumental in our continued growth. They are always available to answer any questions that we have and assist our team. Their response time is great, and I would recommend them to anyone who would like to see their business revenue increase.

    Advanced Podiatry of Bartlesville

    Dr. Martha Livingston – CEO San Antonio Counseling and Behavioral Center, Texas

    Practolytics for ophthalmology billing

    Why Choose Practolytics?

    Practolytics for ophthalmology billing

    Practolytics brings a touch of finesse to your ophthalmology practice! Elevate your revenue health and foster growth with our spot-on ophthalmology billing services. We cut through the ophthalmology billing complexities, using the right medical codes to maximize your earnings. Let’s make your practice thrive!

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    Precision in Ophthalmology Coding

    Navigating the intricate landscape of ophthalmology billing and coding requires a delicate blend of E&M and CPT codes. At Practolytics, our certified ophthalmology coders masterfully balance these codes, adhering to payer-specific rules to yield optimal results.

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    Meticulous Documentation

    Recognizing that documentation requirements vary among payers, we meticulously understand and adhere to each payer's guidelines. This approach aims to elevate the First Pass Acceptance Rate (FPAR) for your Ophthalmology practice.

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    Thorough Eligibility and Benefits Verification

    Ensuring that all patient services align with their insurance plans is paramount in ophthalmology. Practolytics conducts thorough eligibility and benefits verification, alleviating the burden on your front-end staff and preventing rework on denied claims.

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    Recovering Missing Patient Payments

    A substantial portion of your Ophthalmology practice's revenue hinges on patient payments. Our adept ophthalmology medical billing experts focus intently on patient billing, diligently working to recover lost revenue by collecting all outstanding patient payments.

    Elevate Financial Performance with Tailored Ophthalmology Billing Services

    ophthalmology billing services

    At Practolytics, we offer comprehensive ophthalmology revenue cycle management services, ensuring efficient payment collection for your practice. Trust us to maximize reimbursement for patient services. Benefit from:

    A robust audit system for ongoing compliance

    Certified ophthalmology coding experts proficient in ICD, HCPCS, CPT codes, and regulations

    Dedicated patient billing team for increased collections

    Denial and AR management to optimize cash flow

    Prior authorization services to prevent lost payments

    Outsource your ophthalmology billing and coding to Practolytics for faster collections with minimal effort. Schedule an expert call today.

    ophthalmology billing services
    Practolytics for ophthalmology billing needs

    Practolytics: Your Top Pick for Profit-Boosting Ophthalmology Billing

    Practolytics for ophthalmology billing needs

    Navigating the intricacies of ophthalmology billing can be challenging due to the varying insurance plans and coverage discrepancies among payers. At Practolytics, our team of ophthalmology coders and billers is well-versed in working with diverse payers to minimize claim denials. We meticulously assign appropriate ophthalmology CPT codes and apply modifiers like 50, LT, and RT as needed. Our expertise extends to all EHR software specific to ophthalmology, ensuring seamless integration. Here are more compelling reasons to entrust your ophthalmology billing needs to Practolytics:

    HIPAA compliance ensures the security and confidentiality of patient information.

    Our round-the-clock, 365-days-a-year service ensures continuous support and assistance.

    Our team comprises experienced professionals certified in ophthalmology coding, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

    We prioritize high document and data security to safeguard sensitive information.

    Complete transparency throughout the billing process ensures clarity and accountability.

    Outsource to Practolytics for Superior Ophthalmology Billing Outcomes

    outsource ophthalmology billing

    Our ophthalmology Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) experts offer:

    Over 20 years of specialized experience in delivering top-notch ophthalmology billing and coding services.

    Adherence to evolving Ophthalmology billing regulations to ensure compliance at all times.

    Thorough review of diagnosis codes and utilization of E/M codes for accurate Ophthalmology billing.

    Verification of documents tailored to the requirements of different payers.

    Comprehensive patient history checks, recognizing the frequent changes in ophthalmology codes.

    Selection of the appropriate codes based on the patient's eligibility for eye code and E/M code criteria.

    outsource ophthalmology billing

    Experience the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Ophthalmology Billing Services to Practolytics.

    Explore Practolytics's Top Ophthalmology Billing Services for Exceptional Results:

    Turnaround Time

    Experience a swift turnaround time, with ophthalmology providers enjoying an average processing time of just 48 hours

    Clean Claim Percentage

    Boost your practice's efficiency with a clean claim percentage soaring by an impressive 95%. Ensuring smoother reimbursement processes.

    Patient Collection

    Elevate your revenue stream as automatic payment collections surge by at least 35%, maximizing financial returns effortlessly.

    Contracted Value Collection

    Witness your practice's revenue potential realized with an outstanding average (NCPR) collections rate of up to 98%, ensuring optimal reimbursement.

    Denial Rates

    Say goodbye to revenue loss as average denial rates plummet to an exceptional 5% or less, ensuring seamless claims processing and higher revenue retention.

    A/R Days

    Streamline your financial operations with Accounts Receivable (A/R) days reduced to just 25 days, optimizing cash flow and practice profitability.

    Unlock unparalleled efficiency and success for your ophthalmology practice with Practolytics’s tailored billing and coding solutions. Experience seamless operations and maximize your practice’s financial performance today!

    Lift Your Practice with Practolytics's Full-Service Medical Billing

    Partner with us for end-to-end solutions that ensure:
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    Streamlined Operations


    Increased Revenue


    Accelerated Collections

    Schedule an expert call today and discover how Practolytics can transform your ophthalmology billing experience. Optimize efficiency and financial success with our dedicated solutions.

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