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Using Team Culture to Enhance Urgent Care Services

The rise in the number of Urgent Cares in the country has pushed them to come up with strategies to land the recognition of their brands. This serves as the pillar for enhanced patient care, brand reach, referrals, and established reputation in the serving community.

Now, positive branding is the result of positive business culture. And for that, it is imperative to allocate staff operations in accord with the strategic plans that could help bring consistency in brand engagement. Business culture works together with brand marketing to institute successful Urgent Care services.

Let us look at the two expert steps that could help result in the phenomenal growth of Urgent Care practices:

Embrace patient-centric culture

Patients must feel better as soon as they walk in, maybe not physically, but the satisfaction of comfort must seep into their senses. And for that, Urgent Care facilities must focus on improving patient experience at all levels, starting from registration to treatment delivery.

How to go about it?

Firstly, understand their mindset on a deeper level, what they are expecting, why they are seeking urgent care aid, what brought them there, and such.  After acknowledging these factors, work on unique strategies to mitigate the problems in a more human-centered way.

Make medical decisions while keeping the patient’s perspective in mind, include them in decision making for problem-solving, and make them feel empowered for their well-being.

Train and lead the practice staff and professionals by example to be clear on patient expectations, demonstrate practice cultural values and behaviors, and work together as one team who prioritizes patient care.

Set realistic goals and expectations to engage the patients at all touch points and allow them to be a part of the structure.

Now, the expectations must be set not just for the patients, but also for the staff members to perform as good team players. While they get through with that, evaluate their performances and give feedback for improvement or appreciation.

Deliver transparency across processes and teams and be consistent in delivering a feedback loop. Ensure that the employees are valued and their opinions matter.

Establish reward programs for employees who perform well, align effectively to individual goals, and bring efficiency to the Urgent Care System.

While keeping all these in mind, it is also important to understand that mistakes happen and the right way to rectify them is to demonstrate how it’s done, thereby, bringing in a better learning environment. But it is also very crucial to let go of the ones who do not fit well. Urgent Care facilities must know how to differentiate these two to take corrective measures.

Exercise consistency and flexibility across all departments of the urgent care center including rules, behavior, equipment, supply locations, and layout.

Prioritize continual development

Change is one inevitable thing that never stops, especially in business. Decisions across any industry for that matter, are taken keeping the existing trends and remarks of the time in mind. Why is it necessary? Because the digital era craves changes and advancements. Healthcare also comes under this umbrella of change and Urgent Care managers must set out effective strategies then and there to meet the needs.

When the pandemic flared up, the entire healthcare system went through a radical transformation. Was this something that we expected? Definitely not, but the change was necessitated. Similarly, the market trends push the healthcare sectors to institute new developments.

Even if patient care is prioritized first at all times, the strategy to attain the ultimate patient care will undergo shifts continually. To do that, Urgent Care managers and staff must sit down and decide what must be done and then come out with a clear-cut view of what to incorporate and what to invest in. Not just that, once a strategy has been implemented, brainstorm ideas to improve even if their ideas have successfully worked or ended up being a failure.

Changes can also be implemented slowly. Let’s take the pandemic, for instance. Urgent Care Centers are now well-aware of the issues and situation at the time of influx. So, now they can bring small yet effective changes to the system and build their way up to a complete network that helps to cope with unexpected situations.

Continuous development will help to positively evolve with the industry standards and thereby satisfy the patients for newer expectations, bringing in efficient work culture.

Be clear on your ultimate goals, and the expected constraints that could occur, and set realistic goals only to approach those. Maintain consistency in the performance cadence and deliver a feedback loop to identify demerits. While doing this, Urgent Care Centers must also ensure that they are celebrating the wins as well and facilitate a safe space for their team to raise their opinions.

Final Words

Team culture works alongside the brand building and supports growth at every touch point. And distinct yet positive work culture is what will reflect on patient care. Working consistently in building a strong Urgent Care team culture takes a lot of time and effort. Urgent Care managers must know how and where to invest and streamline to attain that level of consistency.

Facilitating gullible patient experience depends on how much underground work has been done to bring in scalable and flexible approaches to a positive urgent care culture.

Work on standardizing policies that provide a safe environment for the urgent care team. It’s important that the employees are happy before knowing if the customers are.


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