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5 Qualities that a Front Office Staff must Possess in an Urgent Care Facility

Front office staff plays a major role in Urgent Care facilities. They serve as the first step in the patient-healthcare process. Their responsibilities include gathering patient information, registration, insurance eligibility verification, and setting a positive tone for different patients as they visit the medical practice.

Most of these personnel positions are filled in by freshers with zero experience in handling complex front desk tasks. But with the help of advanced technologies, they can attain the efficiency that is required for them to effectively carry out the specific operations. It is a known fact that automating any administrative process can help increase productivity. Likewise, front desk jobs can have a positive impact by leveraging sophisticated solutions. Online patient registration has had the biggest impact on front desk operations in the past year.

However, front desk tasks also involve activities that require effective manual inputs that cannot be replaced by any technology. Therefore, choosing front desk personnel is very crucial for any medical practice, as they have to keep up efficiently with multiple tasks.

Here are the top 5 qualities that front office staff must incorporate:

1. Effective handling of multiple responsibilities

The front desk officer is amenable to welcoming patients, scanning their documents, cross-checking details and signatures, verification of insurance eligibility and coverage, collecting payments, and making sure that the patient experiences no difficulties during their registration or their entire engagement.

Getting ahead of multiple tasks is not a walk in the park. The front office team must have excellent organizational skills to manage, maintain, and execute several tasks at once. They should have a good understanding of prioritizing while handling multiple things. Conducting situation tests while hiring can give a clear idea about the person’s genuine organizational skills, and their attitude under pressure.

2. Handling tasks with absolute grace

Keep calm even when the storm arrives. This is the kind of mentality that a front desk staff must encompass to look over the multiple operational tasks. An Urgent Care facility has to go through several chaotic days with patients incoming, processing documents in high volume, and verifications. It is indeed critical to maintaining cool on busy days without getting stressed or flustered. They must set a tone for patients and communicate effectively with them with a positive attitude.

3. Understanding the Importance of SOPs

Front desk staff must always be aligned to the Standard Operating Procedure. For Urgent Care facilities, it is imperative to follow those standards as one small misstep could result in the deterioration of the entire healthcare process. The hiring manager must see that the candidate has the required mannerism to follow the standards. One may observe the way the candidate had worked on their resume and analyze if he/she is fit for the job. One way of doing this is to look into how the resume was written and if they had followed the required rules for doing the same.

4. Quick Learning

Advancement in technology is an ongoing process. Regular updates happen at regular intervals and industries have to cope with these updates and implement them in their systems. The same applies to urgent care services as well. Right from the implementation of new technology, adapting to the procedures, changes updates, to changed payer rules, a front desk staff must be well-versed about the changes and must possess the ability to put them in the correct place. Providing hands-on tasks to the potential candidates can help the hiring managers understand their learning pace.

5. Staying committed to the mission

An Urgent Care facility is a perpetual on-demand service provider. It is a patient-centered environment that has to operate ceaselessly. It might not be precisely the best working environment for everyone. Therefore, hiring a front desk staff with absolute sincerity and willingness to stay committed to their tasks must be the ultimate aim for healthcare practices.

Observing the candidate’s genuine interest in knowing the practice’s keen responsibilities, values, goals, and standard procedures can help the hiring managers to analyze their enthusiasm and how well they can stay aligned.

A front desk staff serves as the first face that the patients must encounter prior to their engagement. And medical practices must employ the most potential and deserving candidates who can carry out multiple tasks with complete integrity and courtesy.

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