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Industry Trends in Urgent Care that will Have a Major Impact on Revenue

The most recent drift in healthcare revenue occurred due to the emergence of the pandemic in 2020. It was groundbreaking and pretty much restructured the healthcare systems and revenue cycle. It included COVID tests, vaccines safety precautions, and such that impacted medical coding, billing, manpower, and the entire healthcare workflow.

Urgent care Centers were flooded with patients at the time which elevated their demand. This allowed them to bring in ideas for improving their visibility and growth strategies. The major changes in the system included new ideas to improve patient loyalty, medications, public awareness, and brand marketing.

Let us look at these trends in elaboration:

1. Repeated Patient Visits

The COVID-19 waves induced record-breaking patient influx in the Urgent Care facilities. This brought in the opportunity to capitalize on the volume of new patients with repeated visits. Now, to make this happen, Urgent Care facilities must encompass capabilities that would make them come back again.

Primary care services and clinical awareness are two factors that could help build the perfect environment and allows them to thrive in the situation. Other ways to cultivate strong ongoing patient relationships include encouraging good team culture within the Urgent Care practice, utilizing relevant and effective tools and technology for patient engagement, setting realistic goals for patient expectations, and maintaining healthy communication.

2. Onsite Services

Providing onsite services to patients will open up a lot of revenue streams for the Urgent Care facilities. Onsite patient services give patients the advantage of convenient diagnosis and allow them to have immediate access to community healthcare.

Urgent Care Centers can deliver services with ease to a specific community and also allows them to identify frequent medical requirements that persist. It will give them space to understand the pain points and communicate effectively for the remedies to be taken.

3. OccMed Services

Another aspect that comes under on-site services is Occupational Medicine. This is a very feasible way to bring about new revenue opportunities. And on top of that, it doesn’t require expertise for service rendering and cross-training would do the job.

Occupational Medicine benefits specific communities or workers like fire stations, police departments, and such with effective healthcare services without having to compromise on their convenience. The services include drug screening, worker’s compensation, wellness programs, injury care, and immunizations.

In order to build a strong OccMed service, Urgent Care Services must stay well-connected to the company they are serving, understand the challenges and shortcomings of employers, come up with effective solutions, and promote their brands effectively for a greater reach.

4. Marketing the services offered

Leveraging the current digital systems will help the Urgent Care facilities to expand their reach. Using the new and improved technology and databases, they can market their services in an alluring manner to bring in patients and also allow old patients to leave a review that could help them gain new ones and build a positive online reputation.

Urgent Care revenues can choose digital campaigns to achieve positive results for their brand reach and facilitate growth in stages. They can bring about both modern and conventional strategies like social media, community events, email marketing, and video ads. For patient-journey marketing, Urgent Care Centres must focus on improving their click rates and local search ranking results.

Urgent Care marketing strategies may include billboards, press releases, community awareness meetings, post-visit surveys, reviews, new letters, and such.

5. Vendor Partnership

Patient management is tough. And with more patients, it gets tougher, even with adequate manpower. And for this, it is necessary to involve a partner who understands the unique Urgent Care needs.

Having a strategic partner will help Urgent Care services to focus on improving what’s important- patient care. With greater utilization of effective tools, the number of patients per hour increases, which thereby leads to enhanced revenue and reduced wait time. This will mean that patients are satisfied with the service delivery, bringing in more future business through elevated reviews.

Let us see an overview of what an ideal strategic partner must do:

  • Meet the unique Urgent Care requirements.
  • Bring in futuristic innovations and ideas
  • Streamline the RCM
  • Understand the specific goals with a realistic approach and get aligned with them.
  • Serve as the most trusted partner.

Practolytics with AdvancedMD is the perfect collaboration to address all your RCM needs. We serve as the best partner to meet all your requirements and our strategies align well with the unique services rendered by your practice. Our expertise and extensive knowledge lie in medical billing, medical coding, credentialing, eligibility verification, and prior authorization. We help practices gain opportunities for enhanced revenue streams, and allow them to have more time and space to focus on improving patient care and management.


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