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Telemedicine – How AdvancedMD(AMD) Helps You Retain Your Patient Population

Electronic Health Records fulfill a range of needs for medical practices. With software, you can optimize care delivery and improve your financial returns. In this article, we will explore the particulars of patient retention with AdvancedMD, an EHR platform.

What is AdvancedMD?

AdvancedMD is a software that enhances service delivery at health practices. It takes previously manual tasks online and automates them to improve workflows and patient satisfaction. The tool also maximizes staff efficiency by allowing them to focus on tasks that fully require their attention. An especially interesting feature is its applicability across all types of small to large-sized practices. This means you can configure the tool to diverse needs or expand with it as you grow.

How AdvancedMD Helps You Retain Your Patient Population

The pandemic has not only rejigged old methods but also hastened the adoption of technologies. With telemedicine’s popularity, you need a tool that handles both the requirements of off-site patients and physical visitations to your clinic. Below, we discuss ways by which AdvancedMD helps to retain your patient population:


Patients can be frustrated waiting for long minutes at the reception. When they don’t get the attention they expect, they simply relocate to a different practice. To prevent waits, a practice management software like AdvancedMD allows you to schedule appointments on the go. Patients receive notifications of their time slots through emails or text messages and obtain prompt care on arrival.

Patient Engagement

Besides managing your appointments, patients can access their health records online as provided under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009. AdvancedMD allows your practice to capture data and place it in a secure location for the patient’s use. The perk also allows providers to coordinate care with their patients as they receive updates on health outcomes and recommend prescriptions. In addition, issues that would normally require in-person visits can be resolved virtually. The benefits here cannot be overemphasized as through this medium, patients can access their results in due time. COVID test outcomes, for instance, can be dispatched quickly, allowing the patient to observe self-isolation on time.


According to a study published by the American College of Surgeons, a higher percentage of patients preferred virtual to in-person visits. Of the 80 participants who utilized virtual sessions, 78.8% stated that they would explore that same option for future care. On the other hand, only 47.4% of respondents who had gone on in-person visits stated that they would reuse the same option. One reason for this is the stress of commuting to the healthcare facility, a fact that is especially true for post-surgery patients. In the same study, respondents stated that they found no quality differences between virtual and physical care. Instead, they found the former convenient.

Staying Up-to-date

A study by the Digital Healthcare Coalition showed that a large percentage of practitioners surveyed had adopted or planned to adopt a patient portal. Read alongside findings by the American College of Surgeons, one discovers that both physicians and patients are keen on utilizing this technology. And to retain patients, the best investment is a robust suite of products like AdvancedMD.


Operating a platform like AdvancedMD can help your practice interact actively with patients. During major events at your facility, patients can be informed beforehand to avoid disappointments.

Flexible Payment Options

Another key benefit of using AdvancedMD is its medical billing functionality. It is an all-in-one platform that speeds up the claim submission process and enhances payments from patients. Since not all patients will find traditional payment options convenient, having an extra channel will save them the trouble and smoothen your revenue flows.


Operating a facility means optimizing their journey of care. With AdvancedMD, you can better your patients’ health through continuity. The software retains electronic copies of patient information which can be transferred to other professionals for further treatment. Rather than starting from scratch, the physician can simply proceed with the care offered to the patient already.


The cloud-based nature of the tool means that data is stored in a digital format. AdvancedMD is secured with military-grade encryption, making it difficult to unduly access patient data. This differs from hard copy methods which can be stolen or damaged in an accident.


Also, the software can help relieve the worry of inaccuracy. The transmission of incorrect data due to errors in documentation can now be safely resolved.

Resource Sharing

AdvancedMD does not only allow patients to interact with providers but also helps them to receive tailored medical resources. This way, patients can better understand their health and understand how to improve it.


When physicians can smoothly transit from one task to the other, it has a positive impact on their response to patients. AdvancedMD can lighten the administrative load on your staff and help them handle multiple patient needs in a day. By streamlining routines, doctors can focus more on patient care.

AdvancedMD for Different Practice Needs

As stated earlier, AdvancedMD can be adapted to different practices. If you run a small practice, your needs likely revolve around enlarging your patient base, a task the platform allows. Medium sized centers probably look to retain current patients while gaining more with new services. AdvancedMD will help you achieve this with electronically conducted appointments and schedule reminders. Similarly, large practices can enjoy the benefits of a robust, interoperable software. They can also access the upsides of the tool’s revenue management.

Moreover, AdvancedMD can function on both desktop and mobile applications. This makes it easy for staff to work on the move. Should you be worried about infrastructural requirements, AdvancedMD minimizes that need with cloud-based configuration.

Final Thoughts

AdvancedMD is no doubt a great platform for practice owners. With its diverse capabilities, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular in the medical world. The software is also credited for its user-friendliness and will appeal to all participants in the healthcare sector. For financial convenience, you can choose to utilize only a fraction of the product or the complete product suite. This saves costs and enables access.

If you feel the need to explore more about AdvancedMD and its different functionalities, talk to our team at Practolytics who can walk you through the various modules of AdvancedMD and demonstrate how AdvancedMD has an edge on other similar products in the market.

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