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How Does AdvancedMD(AMD) Work and Its Benefits?

Just like any other business, driving the growth of your clinical practice along with constant improvements in patient experience is no mean feat. Considering the volume of data involved in the billing process alone, it is only natural for the healthcare staff to feel burdened by fragmented, isolated and uncoordinated patient information they gather daily. To make it worse, it keeps on piling up after every patient visit. But, it does not have to be this way.

All you need is a tool that can transform your practice in a way that you continue to deliver quality care without losing your focus to revenue management, and still record extraordinary outcomes in terms of revenue growth. Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, Practolytics is now providing AdvancedMD software services to convert complex billing and revenue cycle management processes to a simpler, repeatable and accountable process. AdvancedMD software services were created to simplify and unify the healthcare revenue cycle. And Practolytics is offering bundled access to AdvancedMD, so that you can perform your scheduling, patient engagement, electronic charting and billing process from anywhere at your convenience. Today, we will discuss how AdvancedMD works towards standardizing, automating and streamlining the interactions associated with your billing process to create a seamless workflow and a more engaging experience for the patients.

Why You Must Automate Your Practice Mangement?

Presently, in the healthcare sector, manually processing the billing claim is deemed inadequate and outdated for many reasons. With the amount of information needed to process bills and the demand for speedy revenue cycles, no amount of manpower can cope with the requirements of the process in terms of efficiency and accuracy. Manual processing of claims is always subject to human errors such as incorrect entry of patient information, provider details, insurance information, errors in coding, mismatched details, unbilled services, duplicate records and bills, poor documentation, failure to attach an explanation of benefits and more.

These errors can cause frequent rejection and denial of claims, followed by the additional workload in terms of denial management, rework, delays in payment, a sluggish payment cycle, writing off patient debts and poor revenue inflow. This can impact your practice adversely despite the quality treatment and patient care you render—certainly not the preferred outcome for any thriving practice.

But, automating practice management helps you recover fast and reach your revenue goals effectively. This reinstates the need for AdvancedMD or similar practice management software to optimize revenue cycles in the healthcare sector. Being pioneers at healthcare industry for over 25 years, Practolytics understands the current needs of the provider. Which is why we are the largest billing partner on AdvancedMD platform and submits around 200K claims every month for our clients.

What is AdvancedMD Practice Management System?

AdvancedMD practice management software is a cloud-based, integrated functionality that provides practice management solutions, medical billing tools, electronic health recording, patient scheduling and engagement, practice analytics reports, and financial health assessments to the provider’s practice. AdvancedMD software’s highly advanced tools are designed in collaboration with clinical and billing experts to serve you in the best possible way.

At Practolytics, you can access the AdvancedMD software at zero additional cost. With Practolytics’ 20 plus years of provider-support experience combined with the cutting-edge technology practice management solutions from AdvancedMD, you get a winner deal and a ticket to the elite way of running a practice. We also have a mighty group of AdvancedMD certified EHR and PMS trainers on our team. They can assist you with complete implementation of the software and designing the templates to suit your practice.

How AdvancedMD works—its unique features and working style?

AdvancedMD is designed to increase medical staff efficiency and streamline patient flow at the provider’s practice. With this, you experience a highly customized and secure system. It offers a continuous backup of data and ease of access, making your process 100% paperless. Here are some of the features of the EHR and practice management software in detail:

  • Savy Practice Management Software:

    AdvancedMD works in a way that everything you need for optimizing workflow is readily available as soon as you log into it. From the smart color-coded patient scheduling functionality to a streamlined patient registration process that ensures flawless check-in, everything is perfectly cut out to facilitate better patient engagement.  With the electronic eligibility verification, the chances of receiving full payment are assured even before the patient comes to the provider’s practice. Practolytics is providing free eligibility verification assistance to practices to ensure payment for services.

    AdvancedMD works uniquely, with the online charge slip feature being its highlight. Providers can enter the charges during the visit itself so that the checkout staff can follow up with the services provided and billing staff can enter the right codes without ambiguity during the charge capture process. It automatically flows to the claim center from patient charts, making the process accurate and streamlined, without the need for any additional papers. With the help of transition experts from Practolytics, you can seamlessly make a shift to the new practice management system and start working on it effortlessly. Practolytics provides 20 hours of free onsite training to the healthcare staff and providers and empower them to perform well.

    The charge capture tool enables providers to choose the right codes at the time of service and pass them to the back-end staff through an integrated process so that there is no confusion while coding for the services. With the express check-out facility, it is easier to monitor the payment status of the patient before they leave the clinic and effectively schedule follow-ups. Everything is transparent, easy to access and better streamlined for smooth revenue cycle management. Access level for the healthcare staff is categorized and regulated according to their roles in the billing cycle for better accountability.

  • Smart EHR Software:

    The EHR software is designed to aid administrative purposes and the billing process. It features easy document management and electronic prescriptions as well, which are easily accessible on multiple devices. With Practolytics, get your existing office data and patient charts migrated to the new integrated EHR platform so that you can start working right away. Our chart migration process is handled by professionals who can potentially restructure every visit note, bills and medication charts with zero loss of data.

    The working process of AdvancedMD is set in such a way that the data you enter gets backed up on an hourly basis and is securely stored at the offsite data center as you keep working on it. Patient data can be exported and accessed from your workstation at any point in time. And, this automatic storage system is empowered with world-class security exceeding HIPAA compliance regulations and other data security software in your machine.

AdvancedMD EHR-PMS-Systems

How AdvancedMD Software Benefits Your Revenue Cycle?

Let us elaborate a bit on the special features of the software interface to get a better picture of how it can aid in increasing productivity and ease at work. At Practolytics, we make sure you are able to make the best of AdvancedMD to combine and coordinate the workflow in the best possible manner. Here is how we help you with the three key areas of the revenue cycle—automatic identification of underpaid items, prioritized worklist that gives your staff clear direction to follow, and best practices for managing claim denials.

  • Benefits of the revenue cycle mastery dashboard:
    Once logged in, you will see all the necessary functions and tools listed in a toolbar with each of them grouped and colour coded for ease of use and faster navigation. There are tools to access information regarding the patient demographics, appointment scheduling and recall information, billing-charge capture, claim processing and financial evaluation of the practice on a single page. It also displays the productivity, efficiency and financial health of the practice, the latest advances, task list and supporting resources like training videos. Count on our team at Practolytics to acclimatize the providers and healthcare staff, to feel at ease working on this dashboard.

  • Benefits of the front office software:
    This one is configured in multiple columns based on providers, nurses, procedure rooms and equipment such that the front-end staff can easily associate all four of these to schedule the most convenient appointment. How smart is that! It helps you to manage the busy schedule and review appointments accordingly. That, along with the call center services from Practolytics, patient engagement will be a rewarding experience for both the providers and patients. The patient demographics tab gives the front desk staff complete information on insurance status, existing unpaid charges and co-pay to be collected for the current visit.
  • Benefits of the billing software:
    The working process of AdvancedMD claim center is a no brainer and can be operated by anyone. It is organized in user-friendly tabs, offering complete control over the charge capture process. The claim inspector tab distinguishes claims with coding issues so that you can modify them then and there, eliminating the expensive hassles of reworking on claims rejected by the insurance payer. This tool never misses an error and you can stay confident about your claims being clean and all of them are validated for accuracy before submission.
  • Benefits of the reporting software:
    The built-in reporting tool in the software gives you a thorough insight into how well is the billing process affecting the bottom line of your practice. It shows the staff the success and pattern of their workflow and overall financial health. One good reason why AdvancedMD stands out among other billing softwares is the financial information, such as production activity and claim efficiency can be presented to each staff according to their roles at a departmental level. With these electronically generated key statistics reports, experts from Practolytics can help the providers make informed decisions about improving their workflow. We provide valuable recommendations to fill the gaps in your process and conduct periodic audits to make sure everything runs in order.

The unified working process of AdvancedMD integrated software is appreciated by numerous clinicians across the country who are making the best of its cloud-based platforms and information management tools. By teaming up with Practolytics, you can enjoy the best works of AdvancedMD for free. Practolytics offers installation, training and support for AdvancedMD software at no extra charges.

Contact Practolytics today for a fast, reliable and secure way of managing healthcare finance information. With the backup of AdvancedMD billing software, we enable you to future proof your business automation, erasing all the boundaries and roadblocks in the revenue cycle so that you can go about doing what you do the best—take care of your patients efficiently and effectively.


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