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5 Ways to Improve Urgent Care Morale During Unpredictable Times

The last two years have been tough on the healthcare sector, especially on the urgent care facilities. The high patient influx made them question their entire system and made them realign their resources to build a new foundation. Now, it has become more than important to improve their clinic morale to let everyone know about their appreciation.

Here are a few tips to enhance the clinic morale for urgent care facilities:

1. Understand what your staff needs

With all the endless patient occurrences and visits, it becomes almost impossible to identify the staff’s needs and work on them. It is not just important to focus on patient care but also on the personnel who help deliver that. Oftentimes, the needs of the staff are left out which ultimately results in the inefficiency of the entire urgent care system.

Managing employee requirements are not too much to ask for. Urgent care facilities should just look into weekly/monthly activities that the employees could participate in and take their minds off the stressful daily tasks. It was found that such activities are a good way to relieve anxiety and trigger endorphins to promote good mental health.

There are ample options available out there that urgent care centers can utilize to keep their sanity at bay. One thing to keep in mind is that it is imperative to maintain a healthy billing system despite all the needs. If the billing process isn’t proper, all the hard work would just go in vain. But, the staff must already be having so much on their plate that billing would just be a burden for them. On top of that, they wouldn’t even be trained to carry out the billing requirements. And so, it is best to ask for help!

Medical billing partners like Practolytics will always have your back, especially when it comes to getting you reimbursed. Our specializations include Mental and Behavioral Health Billing, Spravato Billing, Urgent Care Billing, Wound care Billing, and General Medical Billing.

2. Providing the right environment

It is a proven fact that the environment where we work can have an impact on our results. It is always important to take breaks amidst the pressure to do some mild and mind-relaxing activities. Since a hospital is always filled with patients, taking some time off is an actual task. So, it is just best to accommodate the working environment in such a way that it doesn’t feel like much while attending to patients and their needs.

A silent space is a peaceful space. By reducing blood cortisol and adrenaline levels, silence has been proven to enhance general well-being, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, and help lessen stress. Trying to maintain silence in the waiting room and the examination rooms can help the staff to maintain their stress to some level. Having said that, it is also very important to take occasional breaks and take a breath of fresh air when needed. Break rooms with all the facilities needed to keep their mind at ease could go a long way. This will allow urgent care employees to recharge themselves in the middle of a stressful day and manage their overwhelming emotions.

These might seem too little to even consider but these are the things that can make an impact, especially during a healthcare crisis such as COVID-19.

3. Spread positivity via email

When it comes to running a business, it is unavoidable to stay in touch with clients. But considering regular communication with the staff is also equally important. Sending weekly emails exhibiting appreciation of work and dedication could show gratitude and inspiration. Apart from that, there could also be scheduled and shift changes or updates. Those updates can also be sent via email n a regular basis so that, they can stay on top of their work schedules and eliminate uncertainties which in itself helps to relieve stress.

4. Keep up the motivation

Healthcare crises can be devastating and healthcare professionals, being the carrier of bad news can go through some overwhelming emotions that can get tough to manage. This could ultimately affect the productivity of the clinic. The motive has to keep on going even with all the mishaps.

And therefore, Urgent Care Centers must dwell on making arrangements to lift their spirits and keep their motivation levels on track. One of the ways to do this is to set aside time to spend together as a team on lunches and watch motivational videos.

A pleasurable break, such as lunch and a lift, shows your team how much you value them. The idea that “we’re all in this together” can be strengthened by doing so and will also give them a chance to relax when the going gets tough.

5. Boost their spirits through power-up cards

Managers at the Urgent Care facilities must make a habit to track down the little things accomplished by their staff and convert them into “power-up cards” and display them on a boosted board to show them gratitude and inspiration. Encourage everyone to appreciate their peers and maintain positivity amongst team members.

In these times of uncertainty, it is important to transmit positive energy within and around.

One of Practolytics’ guiding principles is to help others succeed. We accomplish this for both our clients and one another. By encouraging you to continue your endeavors with some encouragement, we hope to inspire you to follow suit.


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