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Best Medical Practice Management Software

The success of your medical practice is dependent on patient care and patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction depends on several aspects of their experience at your office, and managing those can be quite difficult. To make the process easier on you and help run the day-to-day activities of your service, you can enlist the help of medical practice management software. They are commonly used by medical practices all over the country as they are convenient and easy to use.

What is a medical Practice Management Software (PMS)?

A medical practice management software is a form of medical software that allows the staff of medical practices to get on top of their daily tasks such as managing patient files, records, and can even help with appointment scheduling and follow-ups. Moreover, this type of software can also help manage billing tasks while cross-checking patients’ insurance plans. All the tasks that would take your administrative staff hours to complete can be simply undertaken and completed automatically by medical practice management software.

Most of the medical practice management software are generally cloud-based meaning that all the patient information is safely stored on the internet with only authorized personnel having access to the information. There is no risk of HIPAA violation or leak of information with this type of software. Some medical practice management software can also be deployed on-premise, as opposed to the cloud-based settings.

The specific tasks that a medical practice management software can perform efficiently include, but are not limited to:

Appointment scheduling

The software not only books patient appointments but also cross-checks all the information that is required to make the billing process easier later on. Any discrepancies are noticed by the software and both the patient and the practice are notified accordingly. Moreover, the software also takes care of appointment reminders to patients. This is quite important as missing this step can result in late-comers, no-shows, and last-minute cancellations, which can be quite detrimental to your practice. You can automate the whole process, so it’s easier the next time around and does not require much manpower.

Manage billing process

Billing is the trickiest part of running your practice as there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Failing to provide enough payment options already puts you behind, and then you need to follow up with patients to ensure timely payments. After all else fails, you may even end up passing the patient information to a collection agency, and all of this is bound to be quite taxing for your practice. Hence, having a software manage the entire billing process by generating bills and payment receipts quickly and efficiently. This reflects positively on your service to the patient.

Run patient portals

Patient satisfaction also depends on the ease with which they can access their test results and other personal health information. The medical practice management software creates a patient portal that allows patients to access this information at any time they want. It reduces the recurring phone calls from worried patients eager to find their test results. The patient can log into the patient portal with a username and password, known only by the patient for the safety of patients’ information.

AdvancedMD (AMD): The top medical practice management software

There are different types of medical practice management software available in the market, but not each one might fit your practice. You have to look for the best fit for your service based on the services it provides. The best medical practice management software currently in the market that provides solutions specific to your practice and adapts to your standard is AdvancedMD (AMD). While there are many reasons why it deserves the title, it is the ease and convenience that the software provides that has resulted in its widespread use in several private practices.

AdvancedMD’s Practice Management Software is completely HIPAA compliant and focuses on streamlining patient management and record management at your service. The best part of this specific software is that it is specialty-specific, meaning that it can be tailored to your service based on your specialty, rather than focused towards one specialty alone. The customization of the software along with the fact that it acts as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is responsible for the high rating of the app by doctors and patients across The United States.

While AdvancedMD (AMD) has the traditional features of appointment scheduling and reminders, along with patient record management and collections, it also offers a patient portal for the patients to be able to access all their information, at any time of the day. The patients no longer have to call or come in to view their test results, they can simply use the mobile app to look at their data online.

AdvancedMD (AMD) is a great Practice Management System but it is not just that, it also comes with medical billing and collection software. It streamlines all scheduling and record management processes prior to the appointment and then follows up with patients to ensure timely billing and payments. Its efficiency increases patient retention and significantly decreases AR days. It also reduces the need for the use of a collection agency by sending reminders and making sure enough payment options are available. 

Moreover, AdvancedMD software provides you with a financial report of your practice so that you can understand where your practice is, in terms of revenue, and how you can maximize your success going forward. It explains in detail what is costing your practice, and what could benefit your practice so that you can fully understand the complexities of the practice without getting overwhelmed by excessive technical jargon.

Not just that, it makes sure your service is running smoothly so that there is increased patient retention, resulting in a net increase in revenue. The main aim of AdvancedMD (AMD) remains to automate all tasks that your administration would have to do manually, and spend copious amounts of manpower and hours on it.

One major advantage of AdvancedMD (AMD) is that it hosts both a Practice Management Software and an EHR together which talk to each other, transferring information real time.  This becomes an added advantage for providers who wish to have a single platform for managing their billing activities and also completing their medical records.


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