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Four Trends in the Urgent Care Industry that Transformed Revenue

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic had impacted the Urgent Care Industry in the year 2020, resulting in major transitions including impacts on medical coding, billing, manpower utilization, safety strategies, and workflow process. It also included an elevated number of patients seeking urgent care facilities, making the services more visible, radically growing, and improving healthcare status.

The trends followed by the Urgent Care Industry during the crisis have had a major shift in the incoming revenue. Here are a few best trends that brought in increased revenue:

1. Increased Patient Loyalty

During the Covid-19 outburst, Urgent Care Clinics were bombarded with a huge number of patients seeking emergency care. These patients mostly included new patients in high volume and continued to visit again for services, ultimately improving the revenue for the healthcare practice. The practices are now focused on nurturing their relationship with those patients in order to retain them for a longer period.

How to bring in patients to your practice?

  • Make primary care a priority.
  • Focus on improving good culture and bringing efficient staff.
  • Set effective yet realistic patient goals.
  • Make use of technology that is specific to Urgent Care.
  • Enhance patient experience through regular follow ups and effective communication.

2. Occupational Medicine

Incorporate occupational medicine at your Urgent Care facility, and cross-train your staff and team for awareness. Doing this can bring about a continuous revenue stream with complete visibility of your urgent care services.

Ensure that your practice encompasses drug screening, employee wellness programs, injury care compensation for workers, and immunizations for industries including Fire & Safety, Transportation Services, Police, and Assisted Living, basically any occupation that has a high risk of physical injuries for the employees.

Ways to build an effective Occupational Medicine in your practice:

  • Be in touch with your community.
  • Offer onsite check-ups and physical examinations.
  • Promote the benefits of Urgent Care, and how efficiently you can provide them, especially for the employees with occupational challenges.
  • Understand your client’s challenges and the ways you can prevent or cure them.

3. Marketing the Urgent Care Services

Marketing is an efficient way to let people know of your services – old and new ones. With the growing need for Urgent Care Services, practices can make use of their already existing databases to let people know you.

Medical facilities can also get feedback from the patients who visited and build an enhanced reputation online and follow strategies to rank high in local search engines. Such methods will effectively engage with consumers who are seeking Urgent Care Services.

Taking account of the modern marketing strategies, practices can institute brand building that incorporates the conventional media, digital media, and other growing marketing strategies including mail, events, video ads, and such.

The marketing strategies when put into action correctly can result in more patients incoming, and thereby increase revenue for the practice.

Strategies to keep in mind before marketing your Urgent Care Services:

  • Have regular engagements with the local community and provide solutions.
  • Market your practice through local billboards.
  • Encompass all levels of strategies – Traditional, Digital, Social Media, and Press Releases.
  • Ensure that your website is user-friendly and represents the quality of your institution.
  • Conduct post-visit surveys.
  • Ask patients for their feedback and reviews.
  • Provide information through brochures, pamphlets, and booklets encompassing the services rendered at your facility.

4. Choosing the right partner

It is indeed crucial for medical practices to attend to patients at a faster pace. Revenue increases with an increased number of patients attended per hour. It ensures effective utilization of manpower and reduced waiting time for patients, which ultimately improves patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction leaves practices with positive reviews, which can mean one thing – Future Business.

While all these factors can radically make a huge impact on your revenue, it is also important to choose the right partner who knows about the industry. Choose partner solutions that are specifically aimed at Urgent Care. It will allocate healthcare clinics with adaptable technology and software that supports effective management of high volume patients incoming, thereby increasing the overall profit for the medical practice.

How to choose the right partner solution?

  • Understand your unique needs and patient-specific requirements.
  • Make sure that the solutions provided meet your unique needs.
  • Adopt technologies that are state-of-the-art versions.
  • Optimize your revenue streams.

Practolytics, with its vast exposure to Urgent Care practices, covering all the aspects of the revenue cycle management including coding, billing, and insurance follow ups, can help you optimize your revenue cycle management through streamlined solutions for medical billing, coding, and accounts receivables.


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