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How to Set up an Automated Billing Process in AdvancedMD?

AdvancedMD billing software is designed to enhance the revenue cycle management process at your practice. Nearly every aspect of the healthcare billing cycle can be automated with the help of this savvy practice management software suite. And now, Practolytics is joining hands with AdvancedMD to deliver end to end solutions to all RCM inadequacies. Along with the automated billing process in AdvancedMD, there are other optimal suites.  Besides automatic patient billing in AdvancedMD, the software offers tools to simplify processes such as patient scheduling and financial report management.

With Practolytics, take your healthcare practice to the next level by introducing a technology-driven mechanism to improve the administration and practice management processes. We, at Practolytics, are equipped with all the resources and experienced professionals who can boost your practice’s performance by extending the right support and training to the staff. Practolytics provides personalized training on the AdvancedMD platform and electronic health records software to each staff member at your healthcare staff practice to improve the workflow based on their roles.

Features of AdvancedMD Billing Software

The automated billing process in AdvancedMD, equipped with many tools and platforms, comes with industry-leading technology features such as the AdvancedMD clearing house, claim scrubber and claim centre—which will help your staff to shift focus from tiresome data entry work. Now make the best of AdvancedMD, bundled with Practolytics medical billing services absolutely free of cost.

To revenue collection, Some of the special features of the software are:

  1. The scheduling and front office tool – The medical scheduling system, integrated with the automated billing process in AdvancedMD, enables you to schedule appointments and displays patient information and details on collecting co-payments easily at once. With Practolytics patient call centre service, all queries and concerns from the patients will be answered on your behalf for better patient care management. 
  2.  Electronic eligibility verification tool – With the electronic eligibility verification system, by doing a single mouse click you can check the insurance eligibility of a patient with a single click even before they visit in a batch or as per your demand. Practolytics is providing real-time eligibility checks and preauthorization worth thousands of dollars, at zero cost for your practice.
  3.  EHR integration – With the software, the electronic health record automatically gets integrated into the claim data and payment details, so that there is no need to enter the same data repeatedly into every record.
    AdvancedMD EHR-PMS-Systems
  4. Medical coding software – On the setup of automated billing process in AdvancedMD, you are offered a comprehensive suite of tools that make the coding process much simpler than before. Selecting the codes suitable for the diagnosis and treatment can be done at the provider level with an easy and intuitive list of codes. That along with the certified team of experienced coders working round the clock, Practolytics can guarantee you a speedy turnaround time of 24 hours for faster billing. 
  5.  Cloud-based billing process – With the cloud-based billing process, your data storage needs, cost of hardware equipment and additional software can be avoided. The entire process is a lot cost-effective on automated billing process in AdvancedMD when compared to manual execution. Plus, the patient data is stored in a better secure way. For this Practolytics can assure you a prompt switch to our services at zero downtime more securely. 
  6.  Claim inspector – Use the claim inspector tools to automatically clean scrub your claims for compliance issues, any errors with HIPAA, local coverage determination and correct coding initiative standards. The software is foolproof to guarantee 100% acceptance of the claim the first time itself. And if you face claim denials or rejection at the clearinghouse, Practolytics has a system to coordinate and follow-up rebilling process with a solid appeal back up.
  7.  E-claims – With fast-track electronic submission of claims and automatic posting of payments, the entire claim process happens at lightning speed. The claim submission is web-based and is streamlined to get it scrubbed and matched for compliance regulations at a faster pace to ensure an accelerated payment collection.
  8.  Payment processing tool – Now it is easier to auto-post the treatment charges with a single swipe of the credit card and its details get integrated with the automated billing process in AdvancedMD. All you need to do is review the card details and confirm the payment.
  9.  Electronic remittance advice – This feature gives practices automated solutions for electronically processing cash remittance.
  10.  Account receivable control center – Everything is accounted for and transparent with this tool, making sure payment collection worklists, denial tracking and patient balance collections are made hassle-free. Now avail aggressive follow-up and resolution of AR balance from Practolytics so that your bottom lines don’t suffer.
  11.  Centralized billing platforms – This gives you a unified view of the payment status of each provider and insurance payer according to patients, on a single database and single login.
  12.  Analytics and reporting – Automated billing process in AdvancedMD also comes with an automatic business intelligence tool to provide an elaborated analysis report at the end of the process. This one will help you measure your success, pointing out the areas that need improvement. The graphs and diagrams in the reports are categorized based on roles and can be easily understood by you and your staff.
  13.  Patient engagement tools – These will help in improving the patient experience at your facility and save the front desk staff’s time and effort in collecting patient data. Also, the tools ensure accuracy in the documentation process. It includes online patient portals that have check kiosks and intake forms for the patient to fill up online before the visit. Also, there are convenient appointment schedulers and patient reminders incorporated. These tools allow effective communication with the patient, helping the healthcare setup with better coordination in delivering treatment and payment collection is possible with this facility, which also comes with health alerts and consent forms. Practolytics can aid you in following up with patient balance after the reimbursement to enable successful completion of the billing cycle.

Let us look at the steps involved in making that much-awaited shift to automating your practice management with the help of AdvancedMD tools and also familiarize yourself with the state-of-the-art front office software, billing software and reporting software. Practolytics has got your back throughout the process for making that seamless transition.


The first step towards automating the process is the installation of the software at your practice and familiarizing the healthcare staff with the practice management system so that they know how to set up automated billing process in AdvancedMD. The software interface is user friendly, easy to comprehend and has a multitude of processing tools. At Practolytics, we are equipped with a team of transition and implementation specialists who can easily shift your practice management and billing to the AdvancedMD platforms. Practolytics also provides customized training and support on AdvancedMD software implementation and practice management along with tips to set up automated billing process in AdvancedMD absolutely free of cost. We make sure that you and your staff gets adapted on how to set automated billing process in AdvancedMD without any hurdles.

The next step is to fully migrate the existing patient data to AdvancedMD’s Cloud-based electronic health record system so that you can continue your billing process on the new platform. For your specialty practice, the dashboard template can be customized to match your practice’s needs and priorities, and you are good to go. The existing clinic data will be migrated to the new cloud-based platform by the Practolytics team for free—a valuable addition to your process. Medical charts migration, from the present mode to a new template, specially designed for your practice, is part of the Practolytics service too.

Finally, make the best of the AdvancedMD financial reporting and analytics tool to better understand the business side of your practice. Use the key performance indicators to evaluate the collections, productivity and accounts receivable status to see where your financial health is standing in terms of revenue cycle management. Also look out for the trends in patient scheduling, demographics capture, no-shows and cancellation of appointments.

With Practolytics, you will receive customized analytical reports from AdvancedMD absolutely free of cost. We maintain your patient records with such efficiency and quality, the reporting tool provides the exact suggestions on what you need to improve your practice.

Advantages of setting up automated billing process in AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is the only software platform that runs every aspect of your practice, including medical billing, treatment aspects and patient engagement. Being a powerful and customizable platform makes it uniquely efficient among all other available practice management software’s. This is another reason why Practolytics is a platinum partner to AdvancedMD, presently serving 26 practice specialties across 32 states.

With AdvancedMD, your patients are offered a better and satisfactory experience at every step of the treatment. There is a better connection between the patient, healthcare provider and payment provider through Practolytics patient portals—meant for clearing doubts, understanding payment breakdowns and financial responsibilities. Your staff can focus better on patient care and treatment assistance instead of tiresome encounters on payment details.

It also gives a clear financial view with which physicians can make real-time decisions to improve their practice. It will be a novelty over the poorly-informed decisions made over limited data-based and one’s instincts alone. AdvancedMD helps you optimize provider-insurance payer combinations, opportunities to recover revenue that stay hidden and overlooked. In addition to this, we, and also hold free chart audits from Practolytics to full proof to foolproof the practices from risks and frauds.

For the healthcare providers who want to automate their billing process, Practolytics is offering free service and installation of AdvancedMD at their facility, along with the migration of the existing data from the clinic server to the AdvancedMD practice management system. The automated billing process in AdvancedMD is the 21st-century practice management experience you are looking for. So, ditch the age-old manual bill processing practices and favour our tools to automate your revenue cycle today with Practolytics.

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