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Everything You Must Know About AdvancedMD

Today, medical billing software solutions have become quite popular across the healthcare industry. Many facilities are looking for ways to upgrade their medical billing process to new levels of accuracy and efficiency. To stay competent and productive in the healthcare business, you must up your game by replacing manual processes with better, faster and smarter platform-driven applications. AdvancedMD has it all, an all-round software suite to transform the way you manage your practice.

What is AdvancedMD?

AdvancedMD is a cloud-based practice management and billing software, specially designed to serve clinics and small healthcare facilities. It’s a complete set of software tools put together including coding, billing, reporting and front-office functionality, enabling the practice to streamline the entire revenue cycle process and to track the account receivables effectively.  It helps healthcare providers and facilities to seamlessly automate appointment scheduling, integrate health records into the billing process, prepare and submit claims.


We, at Practolytics, offer installation and set up of AdvancedMD practice management software at an absolute NO COST. Our dedicated services support more than 26 specialty practices. Practolytics, a platinum partner to AdvancedMD, helps healthcare facilities across the US in submitting over 2,00,000 claims via the AdvancedMD platform.

Practolytics is a trusted partner to nearly 2000 healthcare practitioners in and around the US, spread across 32 states. With massive manpower onsite (onshore and offshore), working round the clock for us, we work at minimum turn-around time. Our team is proficient in the best practices for documentation, coding and billing so that your claims are 100% accurate, ensuring maximum reimbursements in a timely manner. We also offer a range of value-added services like documentation, coding and compliance audits, call center services for your patients, contract negotiation services, and credentialing services, among others.


Scrutinizing the Pros and Cons of AdvancedMD

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the AdvancedMD practice management suite and electronic health record system in detail.

Top Pros of AdvancedMD based on user experiences:

  • The practice management system is highly customizable and flexible enough to meet the needs of individual and group practices. Documenting the patient’s visit and choosing the right set of diagnostic and procedure codes can be done immediately once the visit is complete, thanks to the widely popular charge capture tool integrated into AdvancedMD.
  • AdvancedMD’s cloud-based EHR solution is a favored tool by most practitioners. It has enabled users to perform data transfer seamlessly. With the automated workflow, the records are of higher quality in terms of accuracy and compliance, which is commendable.
  • Storage and backup of EHR on AdvancedMD cloud-based record-keeping system are highly appreciated for their privacy and security features. Medical records are enabled to channelize among practitioners with utmost confidentiality, compliant to HIPAA.
  • Another indulging characteristic of AdvancedMD is the accessibility factor. Healthcare providers can manage their practice from home, office or even on the go. The software also features high priority checkboxes where documents such as prescriptions, lab reports, physician’s orders and special instructions can be flagged to indicate priority.
  • Many healthcare providers were able to reduce their practice expenses to a larger extent by cutting down staff requirements after the implementation of AdvancedMD. Many seasoned clinicians testify to have saved the expenses involved in hiring more back-end staff at their facility as the software took care of more than half the administrative work.
  • When you contemplate the pros and cons of AdvancedMD, you cannot ignore how it has converted many practices into paper-free environments. With AdvancedMD, gone are the days of record-keeping rooms and huge back-end offices with expensive hardware to carry out all the administrative activities. AdvancedMD has beautifully converted the clinics into centres of excellence through a cloud-based data management system and integrated workflow.
  • Generally liked by the front desk staff, the patient scheduling tool helps in integrating appointments, providers, nurses and other clinical staff on a single dashboard. Communication among the front-end and back-end offices and the physicians is quicker and easier with an internal messaging system. High priority reminders, medical advice and scheduling information are all visible at one place so that everybody in the facility is well informed and can act in a coordinated manner.
  • An AdvancedMD pro aspect, patient management is made easier and better with this practice management tool. Patients are always kept in the loop regarding the treatment and billing process for their care, which boosts their confidence in the provider and the practice.  Everything is transparent and served with clarity—be it patient’s clinical information, including the medical records, lab or radiology reports; and even the financial transactions for each patient. Clinics claim higher patient ratings and better reviews after adopting the patient engagement platforms from AdvancedMD.
  • Another pro is being able to customize the software to meet the specialty needs of clinics. Many users have claimed the software to be more user-friendly compared to other practice management software available in the market.
  • By integrating clinical activities and billing processes effectively, practitioners can run both the business and clinical aspects effectively. This is one of the major pros of AdvancedMD. It has helped healthcare facilities in dedicating more time to their core services, instead of toiling over administrative chores, adding quality to their process.
  • Tracking the claims sent out and detailed insurance ageing reports were found to be very helpful by most back-end staff. Clean scrubbing the claims is also automated and made error-proof for better efficiency. 
  • AdvancedMD also boasts advanced features such as telemedicine, mobile applications, and electronic prescriptions, which are widely accepted value additions.
  • AdvancedMD also provides meaningful insights into the latest trends in medical practices including but not limited to new treatment oriented services, products and medical equipment approved and a lot of provider education content; and all this displayed at one place, on the dashboard, for easy access.
  • One cannot help but appreciate the billing analytics tool and the reporting software built into AdvancedMD practice management software. One look at the financial dashboard gives providers insight into the health of their billing cycle, enabling them make strategic interventions to improve practice performance.

AdvancedMD EHR-PMS-Systems

Cons of AdvancedMD:

Like any other software, there are a few areas that frequent users of the software may encounter. Let’s look at a few downsides of AdvancedMD:

  • For some small to medium practices, buying and installing practice management software could prove way too expensive for their financial potential. Especially new practices find it way too pricy to adopt—one of the cons of AdvancedMD.  However, Practolytics has you covered for all such activities at an absolute ZERO cost.
  • Considering the pros and cons of AdvancedMD, even though the software is well-liked, installing the new software and customizing it to suit one’s practice takes time and effort for the clinic staff. Users need professional help for template creation as well. Without proper implementation and support, the software cannot bring any improvements to the process, and this is where the team at Practolytics provides you all the support.
  • The training videos from AdvancedMD may not be as user friendly for a non-technical person to comprehend. Without a thorough training and acclimatization process, the clinic staff may find it an uphill task to work on the platform.
  • One other downside to AdvancedMD is migrating data from the existing practice management suite which takes in-depth understanding of the process and the users may find it difficult to adapt to the new EHR system. This further adds up to the existing day-to-day activities and patient assistance roles.

Seasoning AdvancedMD to Match Your Process

Looking at the pros and cons of AdvancedMD, you know where you possibly require help with the software. Yes, what you need is someone to do the necessary handholding in installing, implementing and customizing the software to suit your practice, and to aid you in data migration to the new EHR platform and walk you through creating the right template for your practice.

Practolytics takes care of the complete process from the start to end including installation, data migration, implementing AdvancedMD modules, and training the staff on all aspects of the revenue cycle.  The team at Practolytics is AdvancedMD certified and proficient in electronic health recording and practice management tools. Migrating your existing practice data is much easier with Practolytics as our quick data migration services ensure the integrity of every medical and financial record at your facility. The data transition can be conducted onsite with zero hindrances to your daily clinical activities.

Understanding the pros and cons of AdvancedMD gives you a better insight into how the platform works and how it can enhance the performance your practice.  You are in good hands by partnering with Practolytics. We offer services ranging from medical transcription to pre-authorization, contract negotiation, medical coding and billing, covering your entire revenue cycle.  Practolytics offers all the master benefits of AdvancedMD for free.

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