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4 Alternative Ways to Ensure Insurance Coverage from Indiana Medicaid Program

The low-income individuals in most cases do not have medical insurance or their insurance amount might not suffice the healthcare service payment credibility or their insurance amount could be inadequate. For such areas of the population, Indiana Medicaid Program delivers medical benefits and covers their insurance for the healthcare services acquired by them.

However, if the service rendering provider practice functions in more than one location, submission of claims to the Indiana Medicaid Program gets very challenging. It could lead to neither claim denial nor insurance coverage and the claim might go for multiple submissions.

This article describes the 4 alternative ways you can make sure that the primary claim to Indiana Medicaid Programs gets approved. In addition, you will also learn the importance of having an efficient medical billing partner like Practolytics by your side to prevent ample issues associated with claims submission.

Proper Credentialing

A clean and accurate credentialing process is imperative to knock off any issues that might rise due to the obscure info depicting the credibility of the provider and practice. It comes without saying that the issues must be fixed right from the minor details. Clear out the tiniest details and ensure the presence of only reliable and genuine information. Once that is done, you may go ahead and work on the claims. If any clarity is missing, it is important to rectify them then and there and always check twice!

Practolytics-aided credentialing services will help you get through it easily without having to compromise on clarity and accuracy.

Online Claims Submission

The Indiana web portal is much more feasible when it comes to submitting claims. It allows you to get paid faster when compared to the usual and conventional methods. Practolytics delivers clean submissions of claims via the Indiana web portal to strengthen and quicken the pace of reimbursements. However, this method of submission will only be carried forward with your prior approval.

Effective Practice Structure

Knowing where you stand and how to improve in order to gain efficiency is crucial for any practice set-up. Submitting claims electronically might not be ideal when it comes to Indiana Medicaid, as mentioned earlier in this article. However, in some cases, it allows you to locate issues pertaining to the method of submission or unreliability from the practice’s end along with other errors subjecting to practice configuration. Regular follow-ups with the EDI department will allow you to understand if the billing NPI is aiming at different locations. Having a well-established practice set up will not only eliminate the issues but also create a positive pathway for primary claims.

Linking all the service locations functioning under the provider practice into a single default address is another way to go. This will allow Indiana Medicaid to easily track you down and respond to your claims.

Keen Follow-up on Submitted Claims

Many times, the common drill that pertains to Indiana Claims is failing to understand the status of the primary claim that was submitted. If you haven’t received your payment or get a denial from Indiana Medicaid, it is always best to follow up/call the insurance company directly and check the status. In the worst-case scenario, the insurance company staff might not be able to track the status. However, you would at least have the knowledge of it and can move on to “what must be done”.

We understand that these ways sound intimidating, especially if your practice is new to all this. Practolytics could be your savior! We do the job for you. As a practice, your focus must be all on delivering the best patient care and not drowning in this chaos. We will streamline, follow up, revert, and get your claims approved.

Bottom Line

It is now well understood that online claims submission could actually make a huge impact in receiving approval from Indiana Medicaid, given that all your details are accurate and authentic to the best.

Receiving proper approval from Indiana Medicaid is definitely tricky but not impossible. Their claims filing time is limited to 365 days. As a medical billing partner, it is absolutely necessary to understand and stay updated on all the details. Practices need not bury their faces into this as they could end up compromising on the healthcare needs.

Practolytics serves its clients with utmost efficiency. With us, you need not take the burden of claims submission, be it any insurer. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best services and help you achieve maximum reimbursements.

Reach out to us to learn more!

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