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10 Healthcare Podcasts You Must Need to Listen in 2022

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020 resulted in an increased interest in the ins and outs of the healthcare field, which has made it one of the hot topics, ever since. This resulted in 2020 becoming the ‘Year of Healthcare’ and while the title hasn’t been given to 2021, healthcare and technological innovations related to healthcare have remained the main topic in 2021. And now, 2022 is bound to be the same.

The increased interest in everything healthcare has, resulted in the popularity of healthcare podcasts that talk about the technological advances in medicine. Mentioned below are the top 10 healthcare podcasts that everyone should listen to.

Medtech Talk

This weekly podcast focuses on what the healthcare industry is focusing on, like treating diabetic foot ulcers and raising awareness about the management of diabetes, along with highlighting the innovations that could potentially become the standard of care in medicine. The Medtech Talk also holds conversations with the important figures in healthcare, who may be healthcare personnel or CEOs of different companies that are focusing on digitalizing patient care, as much as possible. The podcast’s primary focus is to keep everyone, whether they are in the healthcare industry or just an enthusiast, up to date with what’s happening.

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GeekWire Health Tech

The podcast, as the name describes, is related mostly to the technological aspect of the healthcare industry. It discusses the future of AI in healthcare, and how the industry may become completely digitalized. Those with a background in tech, or tech-enthusiasts may enjoy this podcast the best.

The #HCBiz Show!

This podcast is hosted by two influential healthcare-tech entrepreneurs; Don Lee and Shahid Shaw. Unlike most podcasts, this year that is focusing on the highs of the healthcare industry, especially the innovations, Lee and Shaw are focusing on why healthcare innovations are so slow to happen. It is no secret that advancements in the field of medicine are not as frequent as one would hope, and this podcast focuses on the factors that are slowing these advancements and how they can be combatted.

Bright Spots in Healthcare Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Eric Blazer and each episode of the podcast is an interview with the shakers and movers of the healthcare industry. Most interviewees are discussing how to increase patient retention and engagement while also improving health outcomes for these patients. This podcast is more technical than others on the list as it is mainly targeted towards those in the field of medicine. As it highlights the efforts made by healthcare personnel to improve health outcomes, it is highly recommended for everyone.

Healthcare Analytics’ Data Book

This weekly podcast delves greatly into the toxic culture surrounding doctors, nurses, medical students, and other healthcare personnel. Some of the common topics discussed in this podcast revolve around doctor burnout, interoperability, and so on. Not just that, it also talks about scientific breakthroughs and technological advances made in the field of healthcare, and how the healthcare culture is affected by them. It is a great podcast to not only learn about the healthcare industry but also on how it treats healthcare personnel.

Digital Health Today

The Digital Health Today podcast has lively discussion to educate the listeners about the technological advances made in healthcare and how virtual reality may become the next big thing. These discussions are easy to follow and cover a wide range of topics that are of huge concern not only to healthcare personnel but also to ordinary people. The guests of the podcast include innovators, CEOs, and healthcare personnel who are focused on changing the traditional methods and ways of the healthcare industry. Every once in a while, Digital Health Today mentions an innovation or a potential advance in technology that you may have never heard of before.

Healthcare Rap

This podcast takes an interesting direction and focuses on digital marketing and PR, with respect to healthcare and medicine. Hosted by a duo of rapper and digital marketer; Jared Johnson and Peter Balistrieri, the podcast looks at the healthcare industry from the outside, from the perspective of technology and marketing. 

The Healthcare Policy Podcast

This podcast is a special one because of the content it discusses and what that means for the average listener. Produced and hosted by David Introcaso, this podcast focuses solely on healthcare policies, as the name very aptly describes. That may not sound very interesting but the policies discussed are not just those that are applied in the hospital, but also climate change policies and policies pertaining to federal law and prisoner care. Every governmental policy has an effect on healthcare, and this podcast highlights that connection and what the average person can do to make sure that the net effect is positive.

Perspectives on Health and Tech

This weekly podcast discusses how health and technology are no longer two different disciplines, but rather an interdependent entity. It looks into how one affects the other, and how the advancements made in one field actually become a breakthrough in the other. Produced by Cerner, a healthcare-IT firm, this podcast is recommended for those who are just beginning to see the connection between health and tech. It explains everything in detail about the intertwining of the two, and what that means for healthcare, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TEDTalks Health

TEDtalks in general, has an active and wide following and their podcasts are highly regarded and the Health podcast by TEDTalks is no different. The podcast has discussions of medical innovations with doctors and researchers at the top of their field. The breakthroughs mentioned in these podcasts are discussed in detail so that everyone can follow through.

Finding the right podcast for you may be difficult but it is important to jump on this wagon as it is the easiest and most convenient form of staying in touch with what’s happening in healthcare and how that may affect you.

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