New To Spravato Business And Unsure About The Whole Process?

You have reached the right place! Read to know about setting up a Spravato clinic, certifications required, how to do the credentialing process, criteria of selecting a billing company and the overall planning and execution. Practolytics is your one stop solution for solving the complexities of Spravto reimbursements. You don’t have to worry anymore about the time-consuming necessities of Benefits, Eligibility and Pre-authorizations; or the complexities of coding and claims follow – up. We do it all for you.

Our Services:

We offer a complete software solution for your Spravato billing needs.

Our Billing & Collection solution focuses on making your practice completely profitable, with total transparency.

We provide you with adequate consulting to maximize reimbursements of your Spravato practice.

Your Benefits:

We work with the largest Spravato practice in the country.

We obtain pre-Authorization in 4 business days on an average.

We provide you with the best preferred pricing from the specialized distributor.

We help the practice to do strategic Buy & Bill.

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